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Spector dislocates shoulder in Charlton victory over Portsmouth.

Controversial goal diverts Rovers' run to European play.

Keller, G'ladbach see UEFA Cup hopes fade away.

Convey assists one goal, sets up another as Reading rolls with 5-2 decision over Cardiff.

Convey assists one goal, sets up another as Reading rolls with 5-2 decision over Cardiff.

Convey assists one goal, sets up another as Reading rolls with 5-2 decision over Cardiff.

Cherundolo, Casey meet; Hannover draws 0-0 with FC Mainz.

McBride goal and possible Fulham road win wash away.

McBride goal and possible Fulham road win wash away.

Rossi's 29th goal leads Man. U. reserves' 6-0 rout of City, title hopes..

Watford, Leeds lose ground in their pursuit of promotion.

Keller's strong game helps G'ladbach post 2-1 win over Dortmund.

McBride can't help Fulham from falling 3-1 to Portsmouth; Bocanegra ails.

  • Spector will have surgery to repair dislocated shoulder.

    Americans Abroad

    Beasley fined $1,852 by Dutch judge for driving under the influence of alcohol.

    DaMarcus Beasley
    DaMarcus Beasley faced charges that he had driven under the influence on January 16. He received a stiff fine, but had his driving privileges restored.
    -- PSV Eindhoven web site photo --
    By Gary Davidson (in Washington, D.C.)

    (Friday, April 21, 2006) -- United States midfielder DaMarcus Beasley was fined 1,500 euros ($1,852) for driving under the influence of alcohol following a January 16 traffic stop in the Netherlands.

    This was the second time Beasley has been cited by police for erratic driving since he joined PSV Eindhoven on January 7, 2004. Last June, he was fined 220 euros ($271) after he was charged with "weaving." Police suspected alcohol use, local media reported, but did not conduct any blood tests.

    In charges filed yesterday, Eindhoven police said they observed Beasley speeding and swerving after he left a local restaurant on January 16. He admitted drinking five glasses of champagne, but said he was not aware that he was driving improperly.

    Beasley's blood alcohol level was found to be .13, nearly three times the legal limit of .05, it was reported.

    The prosecutor asked for a 700 euro ($864) fine, but Judge W. Damen handed a more severe penalty to Beasley because of his high salary. "The law is the same for everyone, but because you are wealthy, I will fine you more so you will feel the punishment more and also to use you as an example to others," the judge said in Dutch. "Novice drivers are more strictly assessed if it concerns drinking and driving."

    Beasley, 23, who communicated with the judge through an interpreter, regained his driving privileges after his license was taken from him January 16. The prosecutor asked for Beasley's driver's license to be suspended retroactively for seven months, but the judge issued a six-month ban while suspending the final three months of the penalty, ruling that the American expatriate, without friends in the local area, would suffer hardship without the ability to drive himself around.

    "I've learned my lesson," Beasley told the judge. "But it has happened and I must be a man. I must take my responsibility to my family and PSV."

    Beasley was not required to attend the hearing, but left PSV, which is training until Tuesday in Mallorca, Spain, to return this morning to Eindhoven, a city of about 209,000 located in the southeastern tip of the Netherlands. After receiving his sentence, he caught a flight to rejoin the team.

    In October, Beasley had problems with Dutch customs officials, accused of failing to declare several items after he arrived in the Netherlands from the U.S. He reached an out-of-court settlement with the justice ministry.

    Beasley has two more seasons remaining on his contract with PSV, which clinched its 19th Eredivisie championship April 9. Since joining PSV, Beasley has played in 56 league games, scoring 10 goals, while adding four goals in 12 appearances in the European Champions League.

    Jené Courtney contributed to this report from Belgium.

    Gary Davidson is SoccerTimes publisher and managing editor.

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