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USL A-league

Did you know...
Ben Olsen, the 1998 Major League Soccer Rookie of the Year was an original Project-40 allocation.

Mondelo takes over Project-40; Smith, Manning are new general managers.

Six players added to Project-40, including Garcia and Bocanegra.

U.S Pro-40 triumphs in Portugal.

USL A-League champions

USL A-league: U.S. Pro-40 Select

Year League Record Notes
2000 A-League 8-19-1 -
1999 A-League 17-11 Lost in quarterfinals
1998 A-League 11-17  

web site:
roster: Project 40

110 East 42nd Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10017
phone: (212) 450-1200

GM Address
6365 Hwy 287
Wolf Creek, Montana 59102
phone: (406) 562-3865
fax: (406) 562-3865

Team information
Stadium: none (all games are road games)
Team colors: red, white, black

Team Administration
Owner: Major League Soccer
General manager: Jan Osborne
MLS vice president, player personnel: Todd Durbin
Team coordinator: Mike Flaherty
Director, public relations: TBA
Managing director, project 2010: Sunil Gulati

Head coach: Alfonso Mondelo
Athletic Trainer: Gigi Garcia

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