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July 30
U.S. - Germany game summary & box score

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United States vs. Germany, July 30

Final - United States 2, Germany 0

  • 92:00: Germany - Paolo Rink is booked.
  • 91:00: Germany - Dariusz Wosz cross to Paolo Rink, whose seven-yard header is right at Brad Friedel.
  • 88:00: Germany - Berndt Schneider takes 24-yard free kick from left side. Right at keeper Brad Friedel who jumps easily to catch.
  • 83:00: U.S. - Jovan Kirovski replaces Joe-Max Moore.
  • 83:00: Germany - Oliver Neuville fights to gain control of ball at top left of box, but cannot manage shot.
  • 81:00: Germany - Lothar Matthaeus gets booked.

80:00 - United States 2, Germany 0

  • 80:00: Germany - Thomas Link gets cross inside top center of penalty area, but Marcelo Balboa slide tackle knocks ball loose.
  • 77:00: U.S. - Brian McBride replaces Paul Bravo.
  • 75:00: Germany - Ronald Maul replaces Heiko Gerber.
  • 74:00: Germany - Christian Worns takes down Joe-Max Moore with flagrant leg tackle, gets yellow card.
  • 71:00: Germany - Quick combination of passes puts ball at feet of Paolo Rink 17 yards from center. Turns to shoot, but defender Marcelo Balboa slides straight-on and gets toe on ball to knock it cleanly away.

70:00 - United States 2, Germany 0

  • 69:00: U.S. - Ernie Stewart carried horizantally, but 22-yard shot is not well taken and is easily saved.
  • 67:00: U.S. - Paul Bravo makes nice run to top left of box, but has no support and is stripped.
  • 65:00: U.S. - Ernie Stewart replaces Ben Olsen.

60:00 - United States 2, Germany 0

  • 60:00: United States - Eddie Lewis takes free kick from foul on Olsen. Going wide of far post, Jens Lehmann tips over endline. Corner kick produces nothing.
  • 60:00: Germany - Paolo Rink replaces Horst Heldt.
  • 59:00: U.S. - Ben Olsen is taken down badly on right perimeter of box by Heiko Gerber, who received yellow card.
  • 58:00: Germany - Lothar Matthaeus shoots from 30 yards, slight deflection goes right to keeper Brad Friedel who easily handles.
  • 51:00: Germany - Oliver Neuville carries left center. Perfect through pass into center of box to Michael Preetz. Ball, keeper Brad Friedel, Preetz's right foot all arrive at same time, ball squirts up over crossbar.

50:00 - United States 2, Germany 0

  • 50:00 - U.S. - Paul Bravo fouled badly six yards above top left of penalty area. Joe-Max Moore beautifully curls free kick over four-man wall perfectly into the the top left corner just beyond the fingertips by Jens Lehmann.

Halftime - United States 1, Germany 0

  • 47:00: U.S. - Jeff Agoos booked for running over German player.
  • 46:00: Germany - Lothar Matthaeus takes pass in box, American defender Ben Olsen comes from behind and nudges German, who stumbles and cannot get off shot.
  • 44:00: Germany - Lothar Matthaeus nice touch to Oliver Neuville breaking into penalty area. He shoots from 12 yards in front of left post just beyond outstretched keeper Brad Friedel's hands and a foot wide of the far post.
  • 42:00: Germany - Mustafa Dogan substituted in the game for Joerg Heinrich.

40:00 - United States 1, Germany 0

  • 38:00: Frankie Hejduk booked in 38th minute.

30:00 - United States 1, Germany 0

  • 28:00: U.S. - Eddie Lewis left-side corner, Matt McKeon goes high but header from eight yards goes well over bar.
  • 24:00: U.S. - Frankie Hejduk carries deep into right corner, cross to Paul Bravo outside near post. Bravo, back to goal, touches ball with outside of right foot a yard back to Ben Olsen who uses the outside of his right foot to drive the ball eight yards just inside the right post.
  • 21:00: Germany - Joerg Heinrich carried wide right of box, nice cross to Horst Heldt, but Brad Friedel is well-positioned to collect weak shot.

20:00 - United States 0, Germany 0

  • U.S. defense extremely disorganized.
  • 19:00: Germany - Thomas Linke cross fanned on by defender Frankie Hejduk, but ball rolls over end line.
  • 18:00: Germany - U.S. defender Marcelo Balboa heads cross over own crossbar.
  • 16:00: Germany - Joerg Heinrich picks up loose ball in box, but Marcelo tackle breaks up the chance.
  • 14:00: Germany - Oliver Neuville carries into right side of penalty area, weak shot easily scooped up by Friedel.

10:00 - United States 0, Germany 0

  • 7:00: U.S. free kick from right flank easily cleared by defense. Otherwise little constructive action by either side.


United States: Brad Friedel, Jeff Agoos, C.J. Brown, Marcelo Balboa, Frankie Hejduk, Richie Williams, Ben Olsen (Ernie Stewart 65), Matt McKeon, Eddie Lewis, Joe-Max Moore (Jovan Kirovski 83), Paul Bravo (Brian McBride 77).

Germany: Jens Lehmann, Christian Worns, Joerg Heinrich (Mustafa Dogan 42), Thomas Linke, Olaf Marschall, Lothar Matthaeus, Michael Preetz, Oliver Neuville, Dariusz Wosz, Horst Heldt (Paolo Rink 60), Heiko Gerber (Ronald Maul 75).

Referee: Gilberto Alcala (Mexico).
Assistant referees: Awni Hassouneh (Jordan), Domingo Pequenino.

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