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August 3U.S. - Saudi Arabia game report

August 1
U.S. - Mexico game summary & box score

July 30
U.S. - Germany game report

July 28
U.S. - Brazil game report

July 24
U.S. - New Zealand game report

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Confederations Cup

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Third Place match, August 3, 10

United States vs. Mexico, semifinals, August 1

Final: Mexico 1, United States 0

  • 96:00: Mexico wins 1-0. Cuauhtemoc Blanco nets seven-yard rebound for game-winner after Jose Abundis close-in header caroms off back of defender. Blanco miskicks first shot as Richie Williams slides by, collects his own miscue and drives it inside left post. Blanco had started the play by freeing Miguel Zepeda deep in right side of box. His cross sent to Abundis for header.
  • 94:00: Mexico has numbers advantage going forward, but makes nothing of it.
  • 93:00: Mexico - Cuauhtemoc Blano carried deep through left side of penalty area to end line, cuts back. He lays it back to Jose Abundis who drives 19-yard shot into Kasey Keller's chest at his right post.

End of regulation - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • Mexico - U.S. nemesis Luis Hernandez, nursing leg injury, preparing to enter for Mexico.
  • United States has not managed any sustained possession throughout regulation.
  • Two 15-minute sudden death period upcoming.
  • One minute injury time completed.
  • 89:00: Mexico - Cuauhtemoc Blanco dances by two defenders shot from top left of box goes a yard wide right as Keller dives to his left.
  • 87:00: U.S. - Frankie Hejduk cross into center of box easily headed away by defense.
  • 82:00: Mexico - Jose Abundis from 16 yards redirects hard free kick just misses top right corner. Keeper Kasey Keller seemed to have it covered.
  • 82:00: United States - Frankie Hejduk is booked.

80:00 - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • 78:00: U.S. - Eddie Lewis replaces Brian McBride.
  • 72:00: Mexico - Jesus Arellano replaces Ramon Ramirez.

70:00 - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • 68:00: Mexico - Miguel Zepeda takes pass carried into left side of box, goes to shoot -- probably should have -- but Robin Fraser sticks foot out. Zepeda tries to go by him and loses ball over endline.
  • 66:00: U.S. - John Harkes long pass to Cobi Jones inside top left of box, carries deep, shot from sharp angle blasted well over bar, a wasted opportunity.

60:00 - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • 60:00: U.S. - Robin Fraser booked for foul tackle.
  • 59:00: Mexico - Defender Gregg Berhalter makes bad pass back to keeper Kasey Keller, conceding corner kick which is sent to Jose Abundis whose 19-yard shot is saved by Keller dropping to his right.
  • 58:00: Mexico - Miguel Zepeda replaces Gerardo Torrabo.
  • 57:00: Mexico - Cuauhtemoc Blanco given yellow card. After he fouls Gregg Berhalter, Blanco kicks ball away.
  • 52:00: U.S. - Best American chance. Jovan Kirovski finds John Harkes left perimeter of box. He crosses to Ernie Stewart past far post, deep. Stewart shot is stopped by charging Jorge Campos with two arms in front of face. Stewart wastes ensuing corner kick.

50:00 - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • 48:00: Mexico - Kasey Keller saves U.S. again. Quick passing springs Mexico's Francisco Palencia deep in right side of penalty area. Touches back to Gerardo Torrado whose point-blank shot from seven yards is turned away by quick diving save by Keller.

Halftime - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • 44:00: Mexico - Long pass from center stripe to Isaac Terraza in box, weak 13-yard shot right at Kasey Keller, who easily picks it up right on his goalline.
  • 42:00: United States - Jovan Kirovski long cross from right flank over the head of one attacker, Brian McBride slides in with left foot, shot is nowhere near goal.

40:00 - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • Mexico has lost some of its imperative, but U.S. offers no attack whatsoever, totally back on its heels.
  • 40:00: U.S. - John Harkes gets yellow card for dissent.
  • 34:00: Mexico - U.S. defender Gregg Berhalter runs over Jose Abundis. Free kick from 24 yards put well over crossbar by Pavel Pardo.

30:00 - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • United States still playing extremely passively. Coach Bruce Arena angry exhortations are clearly audible.
  • 23:00 Mexico - Claudio Suarez has ball squirt to him 10 yards from goal, but he cannot turn to shoot.

20:00 - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • Mexico still dominates play, but U.S. players seem to settle down.
  • 15:00: U.S. - Jovan Kirovski send shot from right angle toward top right corner. Jorge Campos tips it over bar.
  • 14:00: U.S. - First offensive thrust. Cobi Jones is sprung into right side of box. Goalkeeper Jorge Campos has angle cut. Jones badly miskicks shot.
  • 12:00: Mexico - Ramon Ramirez carries horizontally. Fires 20-yard shot to top left, Kasey Keller soars to tip shot over bar. Again Keller must punch ensuing corner kick to safety.

10:00 - United States 0, Mexico 0

  • First 10 minutes is all Mexico swarming U.S. box. U.S. defense is chasing all around.
  • 9:00: Mexico - Rafael Marquez, in penalty area, touches right to Claudio Suarez, whose point-blank shot is tipped over bar in acrobatic save by Kasey Keller. Keller punches ensuing corner kick to safety.
  • 2:00: Mexico - Isaac Terrazas finds Claudio Suarez, who wastes chance in right side of box.


United States: Kasey Keller, Robin Fraser, Gregg Berhalter, Jeff Agoos, Frankie Hejduk, Richie Williams, Cobi Jones, Jovan Kirovski, John Harkes, Ernie Stewart, Brian McBride (Eddie Lewis 78).

Mexico: Jorge Campos, Pavel Pardo, Rafael Marquez, Caludio Suarez, Salvador Carmora, Gerardo Torrado (Miguel Zepeda 58), German Villa, Ramon Ramirez (Jesus Arellano 72), Isaac Terrazas, Jose Abundas, Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

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