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Jerry Langdon

D.C. United serves as model for success in building MLS dynasty.

(Monday, November 22, 1999) -- D.C. United remains the model for soccer in the United States. The franchise achieved dynasty status with a 2-0 win against the Los Angeles Galaxy, its third title along with one runnerup finish in four-year-old Major League Soccer.   Full Story.

D.C. United has slight edge in MLS Cup '99.

(Friday, November 19, 1999) -- The two best teams in Major League Soccer, by far, will square off in MLS Cup '99. And D.C. United may have ever so slight an edge in the reprise of MLS Cup '96, played, as this match will be, at Foxboro Stadium outside Boston. That inaugural league title match won 3-2 by United in sudden death in torrential rain.   Full Story.

MLS improvements are welcomed, but there's a lot of work still to do.

(Thursday, November 18, 1999) -- Abolition of the shootout got the headlines, overshadowing far more significant action by Major League Soccer as it attempts to reverse sluggishness both in attendance and television ratings. Much more work, however, needs to be done.   Full Story.

Moore's defection to Everton is a better pill for MLS on eve of Cup.

(Tuesday, November 16, 1999) -- Joe-Max Moore's switch to the England Premier League isn't exactly the news Major League Soccer wants to hear on the eve of MLS Cup '99. Though MLS will survive the loss, and it probably doesn't portend a mass exodus of top United States stars overseas, the departure still stings.   Full Story.

War of words erupts in contentious series with Columbus, D.C. United.

(Wednesday, November 10, 1999) -- The War of Words has erupted in the aftermath of the Columbus Crew's second-game Eastern Conference triumph against D.C. United. the normally placid Crew called for 30 fouls and three yellow cards, and with the normally aggressive D.C. United getting 15 fouls and one yellow card.   Full Story.

Dallas, MLS has found a new star in Ecuadorian Graziani.

(Monday, November 8, 1999) -- Major League Soccer has a new star, a 28-year-old striker with a disarming smile from Ecuador who has come close to taking over the playoffs for the Dallas Burn. Ariel Graziani has been the difference the last two months for the long-mediocre franchise, providing a vital presence in the penalty area and leading his team to a strong second place finish in the rugged Western Conference.   Full Story.

U.S. women are heading into uncharted waters.

(Friday, November 5, 1999) Them American women, the most successful program in United States Soccer, are about to enter Phase III - and the waters are uncharted, with various scenarios possible.   Full Story.

MLS top scorers are showing little punch in playoff outings.

(Thursday, November 4, 1999) -- Four of Major League Soccer's top forwards are without a goal in the playoffs. Three don't even have an assist, with the second games of the conference finals looming Sunday. They include the top two regular-season scorers in MLS, a player closing in on the Mexican First Division points record, and a United States national team starter.   Full Story.

With world championship at hand, U.S. under-17s are cautiously optimistic.

(Tuesday, November 2, 1999) -- The mood surrounding the super-talented United States under-17 men's team, given a good chance of garnering a medal in the FIFA world championship starting next week in New Zealand, is very optimistic, but with a touch of caution.   Full Story.


  • November 22: D.C. United serves as model for success in building MLS dynasty.
  • November 19: D.C. United has slight edge in MLS Cup '99.
  • November 18: MLS improvements are welcomed, but there's a lot of work still to do.
  • November 16: Moore's defection to Everton is a better pill for MLS on eve of Cup.
  • November 10: War of words erupts in contentious series with Columbus, D.C. United.
  • November 8: Dallas, MLS has found a new star in Ecuadorian Graziani.
  • November 5: U.S. women are heading into uncharted waters.
  • November 4: MLS top scorers are showing little punch in playoff outings.
  • November 2: With world championship at hand, U.S. under-17s cautiously optimistic.
  • October 27: Dallas shakes stigma of mediocrity; Columbus also seeks new attitude.
  • October 25: Lalas is owed a great debt for carrying the burden of building his sport.
  • October 25: Colorado Rapids are punchless; does Kraft's Gulati carry too much clout?
  • September 30: MLS’s invisible accomplishment, kudos for grass at Giants Stadium, and other comments.
  • September 21: MLS heading in right direction with retention of young American stars.
  • September 20: Fusion or Revolution are headed for dubious MLS playoff distinction.
  • September 17: Coaches shocked by the NCAA’s decision not to expand men’s tourney.
  • September 16: MLS should be judicious in its signing of aging foreign players.
  • September 16: Time for parents and coaches to keep quiet while the children play.
  • September 15: Rhinos’ Open Cup win of historic proportions.
  • September 13: ‘C’ team tie with Jamaica has a good feel to it.
  • September 12: U.S. Cup final another prized moment in great American soccer year.
  • August 31: Confederations Cup TV failure is another lost opportunity for U.S. soccer.
  • August 31: A first look at Project 2010.
  • August 30: A few suggestions for MLS and its new commissioner Don Garber.
  • August 30: Some thoughts the World Cup, Gold Cup, and U.S. Open Cup.
  • August 18: MLS bristles at media conflict-of-interest stories following Baicher trade.
  • August 12: Depressing MetroStars put a damper on a day of great soccer news.
  • August 4: American Confederations Cup performance is one to be savored.
  • August 2: FIFA displays little regard for athletes with Confederations sked.
  • July 30: Acquisition of Graziani best MLS move since Etcheverry, Valderrama.
  • July 27: There are questions to answer for U.S. women before 2000 Olympics.
  • July 26: Time for Kirovski to step up.
  • July 17: MLS scores big with Albright signing.
  • July 11: Alternative to shootout? Replay.
  • July 9: MLS All-Star selections questionable.
  • July 8: World Cup highs and lows.
  • July 6: Akers, Scurry have been dominant forces, but they need help.
  • July 4: Women’s World Cup marketing puts strain on the participants.
  • July 2: Competitive U.S. women show Americans how sports should be played.
  • June 28: An open letter to Tony DiCicco.
  • June 28: Best, worst of Women’s World Cup.
  • June 20: A tale of two big cities.
  • June 20: Hamm’s dominance was a pleasure to watch.
  • June 17: There’s more to this championship event than the United States women.
  • June 14: Arena has already left his mark on U.S. team with impressive wins.
  • June 9: D.C. United is still in MLS class by itself.
  • June 8: Offense looking up, U.S. women are suddenly suspect on defense.
  • June 2: Tuesday MLS deals aid 3 of 4 clubs involved.
  • May 19: Dallas provides pleasant surprise for MLS with better play, improved attendance.
  • May 17: Omission of Keller surprises no one.
  • May 13: Columbus stadium gives reason to celebrate, but MLS has work to do.
  • May 7: Criticism of MLS is justified after terrible officiating in Chicago.
  • May 3: Parity is the keyword of fourth MLS season.
  • April 29: Gansler finally is given the chance he deserves, taking over Kansas City.
  • April 27: United States, China, Norway are co-favorite in Women’s World Cup.
  • April 22: Valderrama deserves better than shabby treatment in Miami.
  • April 20: High rate of shootouts is simply a byproduct of less goal scoring.
  • April 14: Make no mistake about it. Newman leaves Kansas City a winner.
  • April 13: Logan hints at ending shootout, possibility of overtime in playoffs.
  • April 12: It’s time to dispose of tired MLS shootouts.
  • April 5: Milutinovic is off to good start in making MetroStars MLS contenders.
  • March 15: United States did itself proud despite Cup loss to Mexico.
  • March 2: It’s time for U.S. fans to stand up and show support of national team.
  • March 1: U.S. women’s attack, loaded with talent, must solve scoring slump.
  • February 23: Talented U.S. under-17 boys now face do-or-die qualifying.
  • February 23: What once were considered virtues led to Gulati’s MLS demise.
  • February 22: Early poise helped U.S. prevail in Chile match.
  • February 22: MLS players represented United States well in downing Chile.
  • February 15: U.S. path in Women’s World Cup is easy, but harder than top rivals.
  • February 8: Most impressive of U.S. victory was showing no fear of Germany.
  • February 1: Kansas City, D.C. look to be big winners of recent flurry of trades.
  • January 27: Rebuilding begins for U.S. men.
  • January 25: Contiguglia’s support of biennial World Cup will hurt American soccer.
  • January 8: More than law suit keeps Keller from women’s training camp.
  • January 4: Logan’s criticism of media not in line with recent coverage gains.


  • December 21: MLS attendance should rise, so does salary cap (a bit); observations on U.S. roster announcement.
  • December 7: D.C. United’s InterAmerican Cup triumph erases stain of U.S. World Cup effort.
  • December 7: Florida winning NCAA women’s title was no fluke; Clemson meeting Indiana in men’s quarterfinals certainly was.
  • November 10: U.S. must do more that qualify for 2002 to erase ’98 nightmare.
  • October 27: Shortsighted playoff scheduling gave Chicago Fire edge in MLS Cup '98.
  • October 19: MLS needs overtime to provide fair result in playoff games.
  • September 14: Major changes await San Jose.
  • September 1: A few suggestions for Bob Contiguglia as he takes over USSF.
  • August 26: New England fans deserve better.
  • August 18: Rothenberg has presided over blossoming of American Soccer.
  • August 17: D.C. United legend grows with Champions Cup Win.
  • August 6: Arena, Queiroz should get posts.
  • July 28: Increased U.S. Soccer competitiveness starts with youth development.
  • July 26: Decision to skip Copa questioned; Ramos hopes to curb temper.
  • July 20: Large midweek exhibition crowds give MLS food for thought.
  • July 14: French dismantling of Brazil was really no surprise.
  • July 7: Bruce Arena is top candidate.
  • July 7: Germany got what it deserved.
  • July 1: Rapids restore respect to U.S. game with CONCACAF win.
  • June 29: U.S. World Cup failure means Sampson must pay the price.
  • June 26: Tenacious Mexico a pleasant surprise in even World Cup field.
  • June 26: Send the 2006 Cup to Africa.
  • June 23: Yugoslavia needs to beat U.S. by a lot.
  • June 22: United States soccer hits one of its lowest points.
  • June 16: Americans fall short of Rothenberg dictum.
  • June 15: Group by group analysis with one in the books.
  • June 13: Italy lucky to get win; Americans readying for Germany.
  • June 11: Sampson optimistic despite tough Group F draw.
  • June 8: Who looks good in the World Cup?
  • June 7: Politics tinge U.S. matches with Iran, Yugoslavia.
  • June 4: Dutch may have edge on even World Cup field.
  • May 26: U.S. defense grows from weakness to strength.
  • May 21: Bradley’s impact already evident in Chicago.
  • May 20: FIFA behind in preparing World Cup referees.
  • May 19: Women’s World Cup field takes shape.
  • May 14: Wynalda makes his pitch for No. 1.
  • May 13: Italian invasion should help U.S. develop youth.
  • May 8: Sophomore slump over, Kreis returns to form.
  • May 5: Sampson excited about anticipated arrival of Regis.
  • May 5: Harkes’ late bid for France ’98 falls short.
  • May 5: Sampson names 20 to United States World Cup team.
  • May 1: Argentina beats Brazil, gives World Cup field hope.
  • April 30: Chances are slim that Harkes can return.
  • April 29: MLS coaches, players want consistency in issuance of red cards.
  • April 28: U.S. World Cup fate dependent on return of veterans.

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