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Readers irate at lack of Gold Cup television.

(Friday, March 3, 2000) -- SoccerTimes received dozens of e-mails from readers upset with the absence of television of the United States menís games in the Gold Cup. Here is a sampling.

A golden opportunity wasted

I am writing to express my disappointment of the lack of TV coverage for the U.S. team during the Gold Cup.

Once again, the USSF, MLS, and the powers that be in the U.S. soccer community have missed another golden opportunity to promote the game within the U.S. The Gold Cup is a wonderful opportunity for the U.S. team to do well and showcase the tremendous improvements that have been made since France '98 under Bruce Arena.

The U.S. public loves a winner, as was shown during the Women's World Cup. The US men's team had a legitimate chance to advance to the finals and the U.S. public should have the opportunity to cheer them on.

How does the USSF expect soccer to grow more popular in the U.S. when an important tournament, played in the U.S., is not available to the majority of the public?

David Heit [dh8108a@american.edu]

Canít take it any more

Itís a shame that such a big international competition will not be seen on any TV stations in the U.S. This has to stop.

I can watch anything from youth basketball to fishing on the regular sports channels, but the U.S. international matches in soccer are treated like a small thing. This is BIG. The UNITED STATES VS. other countries in the world. Itís us against them and we canít even get to see the games.

This is embarrassing to know that I am an American with the most sports and TV stations in the world. There seems to be some kind of soccer blockout by the networks. Hello! This is only the most popular sports in the world so there is no excuse that the games will not be available.

In fact, it will get more viewers than the GOLF SENIOR TOUR. This makes me sick. Even some small Spanish station will carry this game. I am disgusted with sports TV in the U.S. Not even highlights from any sports channels ESPN and Fox Sports

I am done.

A concerned would-be viewer [Rudipills@aol.com]

A broken heart

It breaks my heart to see the U.S. soccer team get no media recognition at the Gold Cup! This team plays without the love of their country.

This is truly sad. How can fans learn to appreciate U.S. soccer if they can't even see their teams play? But, you can see them in other countries or languages. What does this say to the world?

Michael [ggambino@home.com]

A revolting situation

This is absolutely revolting! The United States gets to play three or four games on home soil and the best that the USSF can do is schedule one of them on Galavision!!

Have they gone completely mad?

I didn't understand why I couldn't see our men beat Germany, play a close one with Brazil, and now play Haiti and Peru and maybe, maybe, see a another classic Mexico-U.S. What's the matter with these people?

Andreas Stanescu [astanesc@columbus.rr.com]

A sad testament

It is a sad testament that there is a soccer tournament, which is being played on American soil, however I would be better off living in Guatemala because then I would then be able to see it.

If this country ever wants to join the ranks of being halfway decent in one of the most international and poetic sports in the world, then wouldn't it seem obvious to televise it? It sickens me to see such pathetic garbage like pro wrestling get more attention than soccer. It makes me sick to my stomach and ashamed to be part of this country.

If anyone had any good sense they would completely change the marketing strategy for soccer within this country. You must be aggressive and to make money, SPEND SOME!!

[Name and e-mail address withheld on request]

U.S. Soccer should answer

Thanks you for let us know about not having or having very little TV broadcast on the Gold Cup. As you said , my friends and I are disappointed a lot. I had sent a lot letters to U.S. Soccer about TV coverage for this Gold cup , but no answer.

Tony [Tony1252@aol.com]

Tell us why

Your column about what a shame the U.S.-Chile match wasn't seen by anybody is right. The same can be said for the Gold Cup.

So we know the games are not televised, but we don't know why not. Why doesn't the U.S. Soccer Federation do something to sell the TV rights to these games to a network that at least cable subscribers get? Will the Federation continue to cry about the fan base when they do not even give us access? I can't even get a sports bar to show the games!


U.S. soccer going nowhere

This is why soccer will not go anywhere in the US. Soccer needs to be televised to the nation. A tournament with such magnitude gets no publicity, yet America expects to be an elite team in the near future.

Not televising the Gold Cup is a typical American move. They're not the dominant team so therefore no need to televised the event. It is not basketball, football or baseball, so why bother.

McCoy Lewis [mlewis@SIKORSKY.COM]

Disappointed children

I'm sorry to see that ESPN, espn2 and the Fox sports network aren't showing these games on TV. They probably have a bunch of cigar-smoking fat bureaucratic directors that don't even know their own children are playing soccer and loving it.

I have 15 under-12 boys that would love to have seen the U.S.-Haiti game, but couldn't. We hope the team will be playing in Foxboro, Mass., a couple times this year, where they can get some real fan support. Good luck to the team.


U.S. soccer fans shunned

I am a big soccer fan of both the U.S men's and woman's teams. I am wondering why the networks that are U.S. broadcasting never show this tournament (the Gold Cup) when it happens. I always have to watch it either on Univision or on pay-per-view

I wouldn't know what to do without Univision and I am happy when ABC and either ESPN or ESPN 2 show and televise the games. I know that soccer is still trying to gain respect in this country and I see many more games than I use to when I was growing up. But it always seems like this tournament gets shunned. If the U.S. should make it to the final and by some miracle or twist of fate win the tournament, I just wish that I could see it happen rather than read about in the paper or log onto the web site like I am now.

Why is this the case? What can be done if anything? Is the reason it is not shown is because of broadcasting rights? Or is the tournament not popular enough? I mean I can't even see highlights on the news channels. It is so sad. I know that the last thing you want to read about is another upset soccer fan but I have to tell somebody.

Ludwig Freimuth [lmfjedi@dellnet.com]

Cockamamie conspiracy

I failed to comprehend this cockamamie conspiracy to kill soccer in America. All the major TV sports stations are showing bull riding, bass fishing in the Bahamas, golf. I give up.


Just more disappointment

I am really disappointed that the U.S. games are not going to be televised. It was bad enough that I could not watch the Chile game. I was looking extra forward to the Gold Cup because the U.S. is the host nation.

Adrian J. Dela Cruz [adelacruz@enonymous.com]

Why no pay-per-view?

Why aren't the games at least on pay-per-view? Why must we always see crap like golf on TV? Golf is not even a sport, it is a hobby, but yet it is all over the networks.


Improved Spanish

To be honest with you I think it stinks when were not able to see the National Team play all of its games during the Gold Cup. Its bad enough to see the opposing teams with tremendous support in the stands. We can't even support our team in our own country by proxy via television. Alas my Spanish has improved.

Walter Crawford [jojocraw@flash.net]

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