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Hernandez: 'I have to work to put myself in groove.'

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Luis Hernandez
Los Angeles Galaxy striker Luis Hernandez is eight games into his Major League Soccer career and still looking for his first goal
By Robert Rodriguez
Special To SoccerTimes

(Friday, June 30, 2000) -- Star Mexican striker Luis Hernandez became Major League Soccer's most celebrated acquisition when he was signed and allocated to the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Eight games into his MLS career, he is yet to score, but his play has steadily improved as he becomes more acclimated to his new team.

This interview was conducted in Spanish after the Galaxy lost to the Kansas City Wizards 2-0 at Arrowhead Stadium last Saturday, Hernandez's seventh game with L.A.

SoccerTimes: It seemed that you were frustrated tonight, right?

Hernandez: No, no, I didn't feel frustration, rather, we were playing well and unfortunately toward the end of the first half (Kansas City) scored a goal, and well, when you're playing well and they score a goal on you it's a bad feeling. In the second half, we tried to dominate the game and another goal fell upon us. I don't have time to be frustrated or anything like that. On the contrary, I have to work and put myself in the groove of this type of soccer. I don't have time to feel sorry for myself, nor should I feel sorry for myself. (MLS) is another type of soccer, and I have to enjoy it.

SoccerTimes: What does Los Angeles need to do to regain its form?

Hernandez: The team has to be more self-confident, have confidence in one another, and know that each player is a great player and that (playing) with confidence and having confidence in one's teammates we will become champions.

SoccerTimes: What did you think of the Kansas City Wizards?

Hernandez: Good, they took advantage of being the home team. They have good players, very interesting, and, well, against a team like that it's complicated (to win).

SoccerTimes: Do you plan on playing in Europe?

Hernandez: I have had discussions about it. There are many teams and propositions, but right now I'm not worried about that, I'm preoccupied with my team, the Galaxy, to play well. It is the most logical situation [to play in Europe]. Playing in Europe in conjunction with MLS would be fabulous.

SoccerTimes: What are your goals?

Hernandez: I don't place goals upon myself, really. Right now, my goal is to play with the Galaxy, have a good season, and short-term goals. Then comes Europe, right? But my main goal is the World Cup.

SoccerTimes: Have you been called up to the Mexican national team?

Hernandez: I have been called to train with the team, but right now, my team the Galaxy needs me more and I am only going to present myself for official games which wont be until mid-July.

SoccerTimes: In your career as a soccer player, you have played in various leagues including the Argentine league. How does MLS compare to other leagues?

Hernandez: I know that there is more passion, more passion in other leagues. There are leagues that let you play and enjoy soccer. Here it is very hard and strong and you need to be up to it.

SoccerTimes: What does MLS need to do to foster that passion among players and fans?

Hernandez: First of all, they have to be more preoccupied with soccer. Here there is only basketball, American football and baseball, and the truth is that there is not a league like in Mexico.

SoccerTimes: I'm not sure if you know that so many fans do not regularly attend games in Kansas City, but tonight the Latino community came out in droves. What do you think of Kansas City's fans?

Hernandez: On that side of things, very good, happy about the great reception by the Latino fans and the recognition of the people of the United States. I thank the Latino fans and greet all of the countrymen that are here, not only from Mexico but from Central America and everyone else.

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