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X-rays disclose three fractures in left cheek of Michelle Akers.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Monday, February 15, 1999) -- United States star midfielder Michelle Akers has been diagnosed with an orbital fracture under her left eye after colliding heads with Norway's Linda Medalen in last night's exhibition match between the FIFA World Stars and the U.S. national team.

The injury will not require surgery and doctors estimated she will be out from four to six weeks.

Akers cracked heads with Medalen while both challenged for a corner kick in the 16th minute. After laying for several minutes on the field, she walked off under her own power, but was taken to the San Jose Medical Center for X-rays and received 25 stitches for a gash over her left eye.

Akers, who suffered considerable swelling, broke three small bones on the left side of her face -- a sinus bone, a bone in her cheek and a bone closer to the ear.

Akers has 100 goals in 128 international matches.

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