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U.S. women
Bonus pool grows to $1.12 million following World Cup triumph.

LOS ANGELES (Tuesday, July 13, 1999) -- Bonus money for the United States women's soccer team grew to $1.12 million yesterday with the U.S. Olympic Committee throwing $120, 000 into the pot.   Full Story.

To replay or not to.

(Monday, July 12, 1999) -- The first-ever penalty kick finish for the Women's World Cup final seems to have left an unsatisfying feeling among many observers. A few dissenting opinions for one solution, Alternative to shootout? Replay, and other observations about the U.S. women's efforts follow:   Full Story.

Jerry's World
Alternative to shootout? Replay.

Langdon (Sunday, July 11, 1999) -- Not too many people, except for soccer purists, are complaining about the shootout that decided the 1999 FIFA World Women's Cup. That's because the United States won. If China had prevailed, the Moan Index would have been extremely high. Also, who was the choice for the best player of the tournament.   Full Story.

Women's World Cup
Maligned U.S. defense brilliant in victory.

(Saturday, July 10, 1999) -- The U.S. soccer team defense took some knocks during the FIFA Women's World Cup -- and they responded with an awesome effort Saturday in the penalty-kick shootout victory against China.   Full Story.

Women's World Cup
View of the Cup from the front lines.

PASADENA, Calif. (Saturday, July 10, 1999) -- The little boy in front of me in section 10 wore a flag bandanna on his head and his arms never got tired. He ceaselessly waved the sign, "USA Chicks Rule."   Full Story.

U.S. women
Credit due to women pioneers.

PASADENA, Calif. (Friday, July 9, 1999) -- For the U.S. women's soccer team, it wasn't always large crowds, police escorts, plush hotels and chartered flights. Not even close.   Full Story.

Women's World Cup
U.S. ready to focus on finish of dream season.

PASADENA, Calif. (Friday, July 9, 1999) -- When the bus carrying the United States women's soccer team departed the Rose Bowl early this afternoon following practice, the Americans finally were left to focus on the one thing that matters most to them: winning the FIFA Women's World Cup.   Full Story.

Women's World Cup
U.S. concerned about Sun Wen.

PASADENA, Calif. (Friday, July 9, 1999) -- Stopping high-scoring forward Sun Wen will be a focal point for the U.S. women's soccer team as it tries to capture the World Cup crown Saturday against China in the Rose Bowl.   Full Story.

The draw, the ref, the call for Women's World Cup final.

(Friday, July 9, 1999) -- With the eagerly anticipated Women's World Cup final drawing near, SoccerTimes readers sound off about recent articles by Jerry Langdon.   Full Story.

Jerry's World
World Cup highs and lows.

Langdon (Thursday, July 8, 1999) -- Remember the doubters who said the women wouldn't draw in the 1999 FIFA World Cup? They're probably in hiding now. Jerry Langdon takes another look at highlights and lowlights through the semifinals.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup capsules
Position by position analysis of World Cup final.

(Thursday, July 8, 1999) -- As the United States and China move closer to an eagerly anticipated showdown, here's a capsule analysis of the two dominant teams in women's soccer.   Full Story.

U.S. women
Something is happening with the idolized U.S. women.

(Thursday, July 8, 1999) -- Last call for the U.S. Women's World Cup bandwagon. Painted faces are optional.   Full Story.

Women's World Cup
China's youth catching up to U.S. experience.

(Thursday, July 8, 1999) -- The age differential between China and the United States is not great when the starting lineups are compared - 26.5 for China, 27.6 for the United States. But take a closer look.   Full Story.

Women's World Cup
First ever tournament team includes five Americans.

LAREMONT, California (Thursday, July 8, 1999) -- 1999 Women's World Cup All-Star Team as chosen by the FIFA Technical Study Group.   Full Story.

U.S. women
Michelle Akers: A true warrior and champion.

Michelle Akers STANFORD, Calif. (Wednesday, July 7, 1999) -- Despite chronic illness and a series of injuries, United States midfielder Michelle Akers has been the heart and soul of the Americans advance to the Women’s World Cup final against China.   Full Story.

U.S. women
With championship match mission accomplished, pressure should be off the American women.

(Wednesday, July 7, 1999) -- From the beginning, the United States team has shouldered the responsibility of promoting the Women's World Cup. It was absolutely necessary for the U.S. to reach the title match for this tournament, accompanied by a firestorm of publicity, to be a success. Now, with the event exceeding all expectations -- and 90,000 expected at the Rose Bowl for Saturday's final against China -- the pressure should be off the Americans.   Full Story.

Jerry's World
Akers, Scurry have been dominant forces, but they need help.

(Tuesday, July 6, 1999) -- Briana Scurry and Michelle Akers have been dominant players., but they will need help from their teammates if the United States hopes to beat China in Saturday’s Women’s World Cup final.   Full Story.

Op-Ed \ John Grimm
It doesn’t get better than this!

(Tuesday, July 6, 1999) -- China has a date with United States this Saturday to decide the Women’s World Cup title and the visitors can expect a crowd at the sold-out Rose Bowl.   Full Story.

Women's World Cup
U.S. arrives in Los Angeles to throngs of young well-wishers.

LOS ANGELES (Monday, July 5, 1999) -- The United States women were greeted by throngs of fans when they arrived today at Los Angeles International Airport. The U.S. plays China Saturday for the Women’s World Cup title.   Full Story.

Jerry's World
Women’s World Cup marketing puts strain on the participants.

(Sunday, July 4, 1999) -- Marketing takes precedence this weekend as four teams travel coast to coast for semifinal games Sunday in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup. The United States and Brazil journey West from Landover, Md., to Stanford, Calif. China and Norway, meanwhile, fly East from San Jose, Calif., to Foxboro, Mass.   Full Story.

U.S. women
MacMillan turns up heat on DiCicco with strong play off bench.

Shannon MacMillan LANDOVER, Md. (Friday, July 2, 1999) -- Shannon MacMillan understands her reserve role, but she's determined to make it difficult for United States coach Tony DiCicco to keep her out of the starting lineup.   Full Story.

Jerry's World
Competitive U.S. women show Americans how sports should be played.

(Friday, July 2, 1999) -- Much of America is captivated with the United States women, who are largely responsible for the great success of the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup. The general public is now learning soccer fans have long been aware of: The U.S. women are not only super-competitive, but an example of how sports should be played.   Full Story.

U.S. women
Christie Pearce thrilled about experience.

LANDOVER, Md. (Wednesday, June 30, 1999) -- Playing time has become a rare commodity for Christie Pearce, but that doesn't mean the defender isn't enjoying her participation with the U.S. national team in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup.   Full Story.

U.S. women
U.S. lineup apt to have MacMillan on the bench.

LANDOVER, Md. (Wednesday, June 30, 1999) -- Shannon MacMillan made a strong case for the starting lineup with a one-goal, two-assist performance in a 3-0 victory against North Korea, but if today's public practice formation for the United States was any indication, she will be on the bench for the Women's World Cup quarterfinal match tomorrow against Germany.   Full Story.

U.S. women
A late selection for the World Cup, Whalen proves she belongs.

FAIRFAX, Va. (Tuesday, June 29, 1999) -- Defender Sara Whalen doesn't carry illusion of being a starter for the United States in the FIFA Women's World Cup. A couple months ago, she didn't know if she would even make the squad. But she represents the future for the Americans, who still start seven members of the 1991 world championship team.   Full Story.

U.S. notes
Sobrero is recovered, will start in Thursday quarterfinal against Germany.

FAIRFAX, Va. (Tuesday, June 29, 1999) -- Defender Kate Sobrero, who sat out Sunday's 3-0 victory against North Korea as a precaution, will be back in the starting lineup Thursday when the United States faces Germany in a Women's World Cup quarterfinal.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup
Attendance approaches 600,000 tickets sold.

(Tuesday, June 29, 1999) -- Total attendance well in excess of 600,000 appears assured in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup, according to tournament officials.   Full Story.

Jerry's World
An open letter to Tony DiCicco.

Langdon (Monday, June 28, 1999) -- Dear Tony - Great job the United States’ first three games. But despite the euphoria by fans, you're in danger of not making it to the semifinals, having the misfortune to draw rugged Germany in the quarterfinals.   Full Story.

Jerry's World II
Best, worst of Women’s World Cup.

(Monday, June 28, 1999) -- Jerry Langdon takes a look at the highlights and the low lights of the Women’s World Cup.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup
DiCicco 'saves' Hamm.

(Friday, June 25, 1999) -- Tony DiCicco was booed for it by some fans, but he made a smart decision yanking star forward Mia Hamm in the 51st minute of the 7-1 romp against Nigeria. The U.S. coach wants her available for the rest of the FIFA Women's World Cup.   Full Story.

U.S. women
Practice field 'klutz,' but whiz during games.

CHICAGO (Friday, June 25, 1999) -- Kate Sobrero was so convinced that she would not able to play in Thursday night's match against Nigeria that she called friends and told them not to make the five-hour drive to the game.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup capsules
World Cup game previews with quarterfinals in sight.

(Friday, June 25, 1999) -- Just one team has been eliminated, Mexico, going into the weekend's final first-round matches of the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup.   Full Story.

U.S. Women
Starter Kate Sobrero injured in practice.

CHICAGO (Wednesday, June 23, 1999) -- The U.S. women's national received a blow Wednesday when starting central defender Kate Sobrero went down in practice with a sprained right ankle.   Full Story.

U.S. Women
Parlow waited patiently and now it’s her turn.

CHICAGO (Tuesday, June 22, 1999) -- Growing up in Memphis, Tenn., Cindy Parlow held down a roster spot in backyard football games with her older brothers and their friends.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup
Rottenberg hopes a good German women’s team performance will make inroads at home where the men’s game rules.

(Tuesday, June 22, 1999) -- Silke Rottenberg sees the big picture in this summer's Women's World Cup. She knows a strong showing by her German team is needed to give women's soccer a boost in her country where men's soccer is and always will be king.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup capsules
Previews for the second set of first round games.

(Tuesday, June 22, 1999) -- Most of the attention for FIFA Women's World Cup second games will be in Chicago, where Thursday's doubleheader pits Brazil against Italy, and the United States against Nigeria before an anticipated 65,000 sellout in Soldier Field.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup
Opening weekend is a hit; so what’s next?

(Tuesday, June 22, 1999) -- (Monday, June 21, 1999) -- The United States wins the opener. Six of the eight first-round games are close, three determined by one goal, three ties. Big crowds. One showcase match. Tight competition for quarterfinal berths in three of the four groups.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup capsules
Eight matches highlight first weekend.

(Friday, June 18, 1999) -- Here are capsules previews -- with predictions -- of first-round weekend games at the start of the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup (times Eastern).   Full Story.

U.S. Women
Capsules profile of World Cup team.

(Monday, June 14, 1999) The United States begins its 1999 Women’s World Cup Saturday with a match against Denmark at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Here are updated capsule profiles of the 20 members of the U.S. team, selected by coach Tony DiCicco.   Full Story.

Women’s World Cup
U.S., China share favorites’ role with three others close.

(Tuesday, June 8, 1999) -- Five teams generally are given good chances to make the semifinals of the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup, beginning June 19 and running through July 10. They are the United States, China, Norway, Brazil and Germany.   Full Story.

U.S. Women
ABC to show women for first time, except 49 affiliates will not.

(Saturday, June 5, 1999) -- The good news is the United States women will make their network television debut when ABC televises their match tomorrow against Canada at Civic Stadium in Portland, Ore., at 2 p.m. (ET). The bad news is that 49 affiliates will not show the game because of prior commitments to the Children Miracle Network’s annual telethon.   Full Story.

U.S. Women
Milbrett: ‘I really can’t ask for much more.’

(Wednesday, May 26, 1999) -- United States women's national team starting forward Tiffeny Milbrett responded to a series of questions with the FIFA Women's World Cup quickly approaching.   Full Story.

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