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Azerbaijan Premier League

Azerbaijan Premier League

The Azerbaijan Premier League was founded in 1992 and the country in which all domestic games are played is Azerbaijan, the confederation for this league is UEFA and in total there are 8 individual football teams playing in that league, which is the number one level on the pyramid of leagues.

If any teams get knocked out of this league they are then relegated to the Azerbaijan First Division and the domestic cups they will all be playing for include the Azerbaijan Cup and Azerbaijan Supercup. Teams in this league will also be able to play, if they qualify, for international cups including the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

The current champions at the time of compiling this guide are Qarabağ and that is the 6th title they have won, and it is Neftchi Baku that have won the most titles that being a total of 8 times.

If you do want to find out any additional information on this football league, then simply pay a visit to the website as you will find plenty of information on team news and the current placings and all up and coming fixtures in that league.

Clubs That Make Up the Azerbaijan Premier League

The Azerbaijan Premier League clubs along with the home city, stadium name and the capacity of each of those team stadiums are fully listed below.

The first thing that I should let you know about this football league is that there are only 8 teams in it, however that doesn’t mean the league total isn’t a hard fought one each year and whilst Qarabağ are certainly a team that does well each season, any of the teams that make up the Azerbaijan Premier League do have a fair and reasonable chance of winning it each season!

The very first team that is in the Azerbaijan Premier League is Gabala and their home town is of course in Gabala and the name of their stadium is the Gabala City Stadium which is in fact one of the smaller ones that can hold no more than 3,500 people.

One of the larger stadiums is the one in which Inter Baku play, that team as their name does suggest playing in the town of Baku and their stadium name is Inter Arena which can hold up to a total of 8,500 home and away supporters in total.

Neftchi Baku are a football team in this league that hail from the town of Baku and if you do ever plan on visiting their stadium you will need to know its name which for reference is the Bakcell Arena it is in fact one of the larger stadiums and can hold a total of 11,000 people at any one time.

Qarabağ play their home matches in the two of Baku and the name of that team’s stadium is the Azersun Arena which can hold up to 5,800 supports at any time.

Səbail may be a team that you support and if, so you will probably have visited the home town of that team that being Səbail the name of their stadium is the Bayil Stadium which when it is full to its capacity can hold some 5,000 people.

Sumgayit are based in the town of Sumqayit and their Kapital Bank Arena stadium is by no stretch of the imagination one of the largest ones, in fact it is one of the smaller ones holding just 1,500 people.

Zira are a team that play all their home matches in Zira, Baku and they have a very grand named stadium that goes by the name of the Zira Olympic Sport Complex Stadium, but it only holds a very small number of people when full and that is just 1,500 people.

There is just one more team that plays in this league and that is of course the team that goes by the name of Kapaz, all the home team matches are played in the town of Ganja and the name of their stadium is Ganja City Stadium this is one of the in fact it is the largest capacity stadium in this league for in total when the stadium is full to its capacity it can hold 27,000 people.