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Adrian Thorpe

People know me for my honesty and open approach towards sports betting. I’ve been actively involved in the sports betting world for over a decade.

Apart from sharing my valuable experiences from the betting world, I also write blogs where you can find helpful advice, strategies, and sports analysis.

Sports are my passion, and I keep track of everything, even when I’m not actively betting. After graduating from university, I dedicated myself to various sports media companies to which I offered valuable knowledge about sports betting.

Apart from being dedicated to sports betting, I am also known around the gambling community. My passion doesn’t end with sports. At the moment, I am working at Sports Betting Sites, where I post sports analysis and betting news regularly.

I love betting on football

Americans traditionally love football as a sport, and they like betting on it. In this aspect, I am no different than my fellow countrymen. I fell in love with football as a young kid and started placing sports bets while in college.

Ever since then, I’ve continued to bet successfully, all the while covering all the important betting and sports news. Sports and betting are in my heart, and I'm always keeping track of what’s going on.

I have a 55% winning percentage, which is really good. I have been praised by the betting community many times. My main focus is the domestic NFL league, and 2018 has been my most successful season yet. I am satisfied with my current form, and I hope it continues.

Like the majority of sports bettors, I’m reluctant when choosing the games to bet on. However, when I see that all of the crucial factors have aligned, I won't hesitate to put a wager down. Zoning in on teams and analyzing their performance thoroughly before making a betting decision is something I love doing.

At the same time, I always look for those wildcard teams that can beat the odds. By following them closely and analyzing their current form, I can find games where they will beat the odds.

My advice to sports bettors

When it comes to both casual and professional sports betting, I always like to emphasize the importance of tracking the same games with different bookmakers. This is how I can see changes and know where the money, as well as the odds, might be going.

At the same time, I also say that this is very important for finding the odds difference between bookmakers and taking advantage of these gaps to get higher rewards.

Unlike other sports bettors that like to act like some divine beings who get their results from and external force, I am always willing to talk openly about my tactics. I want to share my experiences, exchange stories, and try and help less experienced bettors learn how to become better.

Apart from actively posting news and analysis, I am always willing to engage with people on social media or any other channel to discuss sports betting. I suggest approaching betting like an investment – it’s always important to do thorough research if you want to bet your money where it counts.

I believe that bettors who make an extra effort are the ones who get better results. It’s about being analytical and noticing details that other players miss. This is how it’s easier to make betting decisions and make valuable conclusions.

I also firmly believe that a better should rely on himself/herself and no one else when making a wager.

I think that the betting community should share experiences and knowledge but that bettors shouldn’t allow others to make their betting decisions. It’s all about building your own strategies and developing a unique betting character.

My motivation for sports betting

I am currently dedicated to Sports Betting Sites, where I post new articles regularly and try to pinpoint relevant information in various sports.

A lot of my stream consists of sports news stories that seem irrelevant, but they are actually essential stories. They have underlying factors that can have a significant impact on odds or games.

In a way, I do the grunt work of going through hundreds of irrelevant pieces of information and picking out things I think are very important. This way, I believe that I'm able to help less experienced bettors get relevant information at all times.

Knowledge is power in sports betting, and it helped me win a lot of money. But now, I want to pay the community back by helping people just as I got received when I was younger.

At the same time, I’m active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where I like engaging with people and talking about betting regularly.

I believe that there is still a lot of dogma surrounding the sports betting world. People should learn how to bet objectively rather than emotionally. I must admit that I've also had difficulties in the past, with several significant losing streaks that left me dry.

However, when I started approaching my betting analytically and with a cool head, things changed for the better.

In a way, I think that I have to try and show as many people as possible that this the right way to approach sports betting. Many are struggling and simply cannot get out of the vicious cycle, and if someone doesn’t help these people, they’ll stay in it forever.

At the same time, for me, the sports betting world is heaven. So why should it be such a drastically different experience for others?

Even though I was often criticized for my “controversially open” approach to sports betting, I enjoy doing my own thing. I’m used to losing as well, and nothing surprises me. This is what gives me the strength to bounce back so many times and make even bigger wins.

In a way, I'm an underdog because people don’t give me credit due to my unique approach. However, nobody can deny the results I’ve made.