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World Cup Officials

To ensure the complete integrity of the FIFA World Cup, each time it s being held a team of World Cup Officials are selected, those being referees and assistant referees that will be overseeing each individual match.

It was back at the end of March that the officials were chosen for the 2018 running of the FIFA World Cup and in total 36 referees were chosen and a total of 63 assistant referees were also chosen

Whilst the selection process for those officials is of course rigorous one thing that is a given is that they will be a large range of different officials chosen from all six football confederations.

Therefore, in this guide I am going to be letting you know just which officials have been chosen to take part in the World Cup 2018 and will let you know their own home country and give you an insight in just which of the six confederations they are from too.

AFC Referee and Assistant Referees

There are plenty of very experienced officials that hail from the AFC and as such you may recognise the names of some of those officials that have been chosen to oversee and give rulings on matches that make up the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Saudi Arabia Officials – Fahad Al-Mirdasi, Abdulah Alshalwai Saudi Arabia, and Mohammed Al Abakry.

Iran Officials – Alireza Faghani, Reza Sokhandan and Mohammadreza Mansouri.

Uzbekistan Officials – Ravshan Irmatov, Abduxamidullo Rasulov and Jakhongir Saidov.

United Arab Emirates Officials – Mohammed Abdulla Hassan Mohamed and Mohamed Alhammadi.

Japan Officials – Ryuji Sato and Toru Sagara.

Bahrain Officials – Nawaf Shukralla and Yaser Khalil Abdulla Tulefat.

Qatar Officials – Taleb Al Maari.

CAF Referee and Assistant Referees

There are also plenty of officials that are from the CAF and with that in mind below you will find an overview of the country in which each official chosen is based and where he lives, and each of them that will at some point be refereeing or will be the assistant referee of matches being played in Russia.

Algeria Officials – Mehdi Abid Charef and Abdelhak Etchiali.

Senegal Officials – Malang Diedhiou, Djibril Camara and El Hadji Malick Samba.

Gambia Officials – Bakary Gassama.

Burundi Officials – Jean Claude Birumushahu.

Kenya Officials –  Marwa Range.

Egypt Officials – Gehad Grisha.

Morocco Officials –Redouane Achik.

Sudan Officials – Waleed Ahmed.

Zambia Officials –Janny Sikazwe.

Angola Officials – Jerson Emiliano Dos Santos.

South Africa Officials – Zakhele Thusi Siwela.

Ethiopia Officials – Bamlak Tessema Weyes.

Tunisia Officials – Anouar Hmila.

CONCACAF Referee and Assistant Referees

The next confederation that will be sending some of their referees and assistant referees over to the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is CONCACAF and with that in mind here is an overview of each of the officials that have been chosen.

El Salvador Officials – Aguilar and Juan Zumba.

United States Officials – Mark Geiger, Frank Anderson, Jair Marrufo and Corey Rockwell

Costa Rica Officials – Ricardo Montero and Juan Carlos Mora Araya.

Panama Officials –  John Pitti and Gabriel Victoria.

Mexico Officials –  César Arturo, Marvin Torrentera, Miguel Angel Hernandez Paredes.

Canada Officials – Joe Fletcher.

CONMEBOL Referee and Assistant Referees

There has also been plenty of referees and assistant referees that have been chosen from the CONMBOL Federation as you would expect, and with that in mind I shall now give you a quick insight and overview of the names of each of them and the country in which they work as officials and are based in too.

Chile Officials – Julio Bascuñán, Carlos Astroza and Christian Schiemann.

Paraguay Officials – Enrique Cáceres, Eduardo Cardozo and Juan Zorilla.

Uruguay Officials – Andrés Cunha, Nicolas Taran and Mauricio Espinosa.

Argentina Officials – Néstor Pitana Argentina, Hernan Maidana and Juan Pablo Bellati.

Brazil Officials – Sandro Ricci, Emerson de Carvalho and Marcelo Van Gasse.

Colombia Officials – Wilmar Roldán, Alexander Guzman Colombia and Cristian de la Cruz.

OFC Referee and Assistant Referees

Let me now move onto the referees and the assistant referees that are going to be on duty for the FIFA World Cup in 2018 that are from the OFC Confederation, below as I have done so above I will be listing their home country of residence and naming each of those officials too.

New Zealand Officials – Matthew Conger and Simon Lount.

Tonga Officials – Tevita Makasini.

Tahiti Officials – Norbert Hauata.

New Caledonia Officials – Bertrand Brial.

UEFA Referee and Assistant Referees

One thing that did not go unnoticed when the FIFA team names the officials from the UEFA Confederation that would be refereeing matches this year was that none of them hailed from the United Kingdom.

Whilst that did of course raise an eyebrow or two it is safe to say that those that have been selected do have many years combined experience and as such there should be no problems with the ones that have been chosen.

Please therefore read on for below you will get an insight into the names of each of those match officials and will also find out just which country that each of them resides and works in too. As you are about to find out there are certainly plenty of them that have bene chosen to oversee all of the matches that are going to be played out in Russia in the summer of 2018.

Germany Officials – Felix Brych, Stefan Lupp and Mark Borsch.

Turkey Officials – Cüneyt Çakı, Bahattin Duran and Tarik Ongun.

Russia Officials – Sergei Karase,                Anton Averianov and Tikhon Kalugin.

Nederland’s Officials – Björn Kuipers, Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra.

Poland Officials – Szymon Marciniak, Pawel Sokolnicki and Tomasz Listkiewicz.

Spain Officials – Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Pau Cebrian Devis and Roberto Dias Perez.

Serbia Officials – Milorad Mažić, Milovan Ristić and Dalibor Djurdjević.

Italy Officials – Gianluca Rocchi, Di Liberatore and Mauro Tonolini.

Slovenia Officials – Damir Skomina, Jure Praprotnik and Robert Vukan.

France Officials – Clément Turpin, Cyril Gringore and Nicolas Danos.