World Cup Qualifying Teams

World Cup Qualifying Teams

It is the qualifying teams in the FIFA World Cup that are now progressive through to the Group stages being held over in Russia, and as part of my series of articles, news stories and guides all related to that major international soccer tournament I will now give you an insight into just which teams have qualified for the Group Stages.

Be aware that to make looking up any one soccer team you may be interested in following easier, I have listed each team in the continent in which they are based below.

Africa Qualifying Teams

Five teams have managed to qualify for the World Cup 2018 and they include Egypt, Morocco Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia.

Whilst every single one of those teams obviously had he required skill and form to make it through to the Group Stages it is going to be quite difficult to pick out just which teams are likely to progress to the next stages, and that is something that you will have to decide for yourself.

But it is true to say that with some luck in playing we could see any or all the African qualifying teams make it through to the next stages which is something I do know a lot of people will be hoping does happen, and they will also be hoping one team at least does make it through to the final too!

Asia Qualifying Teams

It is always good to see some teams qualifying for the Group Stages of the FIFA World Cup and this year four different teams have been able to do just that.

However, many people do not think any of those four teams are going to make it through to the final, but you will not need me to tell you that during this ever-popular soccer tournament anything can and often does happen, so I would not write off any of the following teams as any of them could just win!

The four teams that are from Asia include Australia, Iran, the Korea Republic and Saudi Arabi and each of them will of course be fielding their very best players for each Group Match they are scheduled to play in.

European Qualifying Teams

There is no getting away from the simple fact that it is often the European based soccer teams that do exceptionally well in the FIFA World Cup, and that is why some of the heavily backed favourites to win the 2018 running of this major soccer tournament are from Europe.

However, it is always worth keeping in mind that due to the way that the Group Stages are designed, many of the following teams are of course going to be knocked out of the tournament at the end of the Group Stages, and which teams those will be time will only tell!

So, let me give you some ideas of which teams are in with a chance of winning or at the very least getting through to the next stage, one team that all eyes will be on as they do have a great squad lined up this year is Belgium.

A surprising entrant to the Group Stages this year is of course Croatia, however they did manage to get this far in the tournament and as such like any other team taking part in it they will have just as good a chance as any other team of course.

Denmark are also in with a chance of winning, and if England do not end up facing the nemesis that being Germany and are forced to play off a penalty shoot out with another qualifying European team that being Germany then they too have a good chance of getting through to the next stage or even make it right through to the final game too.

France always do seem to do very well in the FIFA World Cup and they will, as they always do, have a huge number of supporters that will have made it to Russia to watch every single match they are going to be playing in.

A couple of surprise teams that made it through to the Group Stages include both Iceland and Poland, but one additional European team that always do put on a very fine displayed of soccer at its very best is of course Portugal.

Russia are of course the host nation and they must have a good chance of getting through to the next stage. Whether Serbia will get through really is going to be open to debate, bit the other three teams that have fully qualified for the Group Stages that do have a very good chance of progressing through this stage of the tournament are Spain, Sweden and Switzerland too!

North and Central America and Caribbean Qualifying Teams

Just three teams for North and Central American and the Caribbean have managed to qualify for the Group Stages, and whether any of them do have the form and skills required to win this event does of course remain to be seen.

However, with the likes of Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama making up those three teams there is no doubt in my mind every single match they all play will be a hard battle and one that any of those teams could win too.

South America Qualifying Teams

The final continent I will be looking at is South American, and there are plenty of teams on that continent that have made it through to the Group Stages and it is true to say that any of them could possess the required skill, form and let’s face it a little bit of luck that could see them win the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

One team that will have a huge number of supporters is of course Argentina and Brazil are also likely to be a team no one will want to have to play against, the other South America teams that are in with a chance of winning include Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.


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