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The team here at know just how important it is for you to have safe and secure experience when visiting any website. You will of course always want to have the peace of mind in knowing your confidentiality is going to be protected.

It is also important for you to have a very clear and concise understanding as to how any information you supply to any website is going to be used. With that in mind before you do start making use of the website please do read through our comprehensive privacy policy below.

Tailoring the Information, We Supply to You

To help increase your experience of visiting this website, we want to ensure that we are supplying you with the information you are looking for. We do that through a range of different methods all of which I will now explain to you.

Information Gathering

Below is an overview of the different ways we use to gather information about you. Be aware that all information you supply us with is always kept safe and secure.

Newsletters and Competition Entries

[toc]If you choose to sign up to any newsletters we supply, then there will be a requirement to furnish us with some of your own personal information, that include general information such as your email address and name, along with some information as to your likes and dislikes, and any soccer teams you are a fan off.

The information you supply for newsletters will then be used so that we can send you out informative news letters to your registered email address along with advertising material that will be appreciative to you and your likes.

The same can also be said for any competition entries you make directly from our website, additionally though you will need to supply us with your direct contact details, so that if any prizes are won by you that we can contact you and arrange delivery.

There may be a requirement however for us to supply a third party with the contact information you supply us with, if the coemption is being run or organised by a third party. In which case we will alert you to that fact on the terms and conditions associated with each individual competition we run on our own or on behalf of another company or organisation.

Message Forums and Leaving Comments and Posts

To allow complete interaction with our website users, you are invited to sign up to make use of the message posting feature. Once again though to be permitted to leave posts or comments you will have to register as a user.

When doing so you should try and avoid selecting a username that will identify you personally and you should never post you name, address, phone number or email address or any other contact details on such posts.

You are not permitted to post any links to third party websites, unless you have been given our approval to do so.  The information you supply us with when registering as a user of this website is kept secure, and we will never share it with any third parties unless we are legally obligated to do so.

Opting Out of Newsletters and/or Posting Comments

If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from any newsletters you have signed up to from our website that are supplied by us them you are always welcome to do just that.

Every single individual newsletter that we send out will have an unsubscribe link in them and by clicking onto that link you can then unsubscribe at any time of your own choosing.

Be aware that if you have registered to leave comments and posts on our website, then you are free to close that account at any time, however any messages posts or comments that you have made up until the point you chose that account will always remain visible.

The Use of Cookies

Be aware though that to completely enhance your visit to this website we do use cookies on this site, so each time you visit our website we will place or update the last cookie we left on your device or place a new one on it if you have never visited our website before.

You are more than welcome to remove those cookies yourself at any time however, but by leaving them in place you will get a fully enhanced experience when visiting our website, but those cookies in no way shape or form will be used to identify you personally.

What you will find however when you leave the cookies in place is that additional information will be fed to your directly form out website, and that information will be much more targeted to you own personal likes.

Third Party Links and Websites

Keep in mind that as part of our service to all our website visitors we may occasionally put up links to third party websites throughout our Soccer Times website but as those third-party websites are out of our control we would suggest that you read through their unique and respective privacy policies and check out their terms and conditions and terms if use pages too.

If you are in any way shape or form unsure about our privacy or anything else on our website, then please do feel free to contact any of our team members at any time.

If at any time in the future, we update our privacy policy in place here on the Soccer Times website then we will update this page too and we will also time date those changes to our privacy policy so that you are aware of when the changes too place too.

As someone who does want to learn more about our team please look over our about us page, and if at any time you wish to contact us then our contact details can of course be found on our contact us page, plus do ensure that you familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions section of the Soccer Times website too.