There is only one thing that makes us a successful website, and that is the team of writers that make it possible! is therefore always very eager to hear from anyone who does have a passion for soccer but can translate that passion into thought provoking articles!

If you do feel you have what it needs to join our ever-growing team of industry experts, from any point of view then please do get in touch, for we want to increase our team of writers, and you may just have what it takes to turn your passion into cold hard cash.

Many fans of soccer do already post comments, feedback and opinions on a range of different soccer related forums and message exchanges, and there are even more fans of the sport who always make their views and opinions known very clearly on Social Media too.

When you go about doing so you are benefiting nobody else other than the owners and operators of such sites, so how about you earning an income from your soccer knowledge?

If you are interested in joining our team of writers then you will find our contact details on the contact us section of this website, we do encourage you to get in touch, and make the first move to getting your opinion pieces, articles or even general soccer related news stories posted up on our site.

Skills Needed to Become a Soccer Times Writer

You may feel you do have the passion to become a dedicated soccer news author but are wondering if there are any physical qualification you need, and if so let me now give you an insight into just some of the qualities that we look for from our team.

Obviously, first and foremost you must have a good command of the English language, and whilst we do actively encourage all our writers to put their own unique way of writing and personal touch into their content, it does have to be written in an easy to read manner and one that people can understand!

It takes all sorts to become a writer, however regarding soccer related content you will probably be more knowledgeable about on league for example, and as such if you know the UK Premier League, or the Scottish Leagues like the back of your hand, or you know all there is to know about Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga or any other top tier league you are halfway there to becoming a writer!

Opinions are also one of the qualities we look for, so if you do have opinions on the make-up of any teams, the manager, coach or even a deep knowledge of every single soccer stadium across the globe, then there is a very good chance you can translate that knowledge into thought provoking and informative articles, that fellow soccer fans will want to read.

Please do get in touch with us, for the sooner you do so the better. Please also supply some examples of any content you have already compiled, perhaps for other sites, however do also consider writing an article yourself and submitting that if you have never written professionally before!

Everybody will have their own unique writing style, but that is what makes the media world go around, and a true soccer writer will always shine through by the content they do write!