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Brighton Transfers Are a Game of Swings and Roundabouts


Brighton Transfers Are a Game of Swings and Roundabouts

It is always interesting to see how the management team go about making decisions at transfer time each year, and with lots of players coming and going, many people have compared their transfers and loans this season as like a game of swings and roundabouts.

However, there is always a reason as to why any soccer team will transfer out or transfer in any number of different players, and there is of course a lot of money to be made at times be transferring out some players that can raise many millions of pounds.

With that in mind let me now look at how Brighton have managed their transfers at the last transfer window, and one player that they have fancied recently is of course Leonardo Ulloa and they were lucky enough to get him into their team on a load from Leicester.

Secrecy did surround the transfer of Warren O’Hara to Brighton from Bohemians for when it can to finding out how much they paid for him, as can often be the case they simply declared that is was for an undisclosed fee!

Now you may not immediately have associated big money transfers with teams like Brighton, but they do have cash reserves and when they need spending to bolster up their soccer team then spend money they are going to do, and when it came to the transfer of Jurgen Locadia from PSV it sent them back a huge £14.1m, but many people are saying that was very good money spent!

Another played that did make the move to Brighton during the very last transfer window was of course Viktor Gyokeres now once again it was an undisclosed fee that that paid for him and the team they transferred him in from was Brommapojkarna.

Noe there was quite a few players that Brighton did decide to transfer out at the last transfer window, but all the players that they let go were only on loan, so it remains to be seen what the long-term future holds for the four players they did loan out.

The first player they chose to loan out was Jamie Murphy -and he is settling in nicely at this new team that being Rangers and it will be interesting to see how he now performs up in Scotland.

It was a move to Sunderland that Kazenga LuaLua was forced to make and it was not in fact a loan they chose to make on that transfer for it was a free transfer, so if the truth be known they were probably more than happy to see him go!

Ben Hall did not really shine when playing at Brighton, however he has been given the very best chance to shine as he is now on loan to Notts County and the team manger of that team does predict a bright future for that young player.

One other player that was in the shake up when it came to Brighton reorganising their team was of course Jordan Maguire-Drew and after some negotiating it was decided that the best thing for him and the team was to put him on load to Coventry and as such that is were he is now playing.

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