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Most Expensive Recent Soccer Player Transfers


Most Expensive Recent Soccer Player Transfers

It can be an expensive business for any soccer team when it comes to transfer a player from one team to their own, and with that in mind, today, I am going to be looking at some of the most recent transfers performed at the last transfer window.

One player moving to Arsenal from Borussia Dortmund is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and it wasn’t a cheap transfer by any stretch of the imagination, for it cost Arsenal some £60m to secure his transfer.

To make the above deal possible, Arsenal did of course have to unload quite several players, and one they did get rid of was Olivier Giroud who moved over to Chelsea, in a deal that was worth some £15.3m along with £2.2m in add-ons

It was Everton that did show the most interested in Theo Walcott, however it did cost them a small fortune to transfer him to their team in a deal that set them back a huge £20m.

Brighton have certainly found some cash reserves recently for they paid a whopping £14.1m for Jurgen Locadia and the team they transferred him over from was PSV.

Chelsea have become a soccer team that is always prepared to find the cash and spend it when it comes to transferring players into their London team, and the cheque book has certainly been out recently having paid £15m plus add-ons for Ross Barkley who they got from Everton, and Emerson Palmieri in a transfer from Roma cost them some £17.6m

It does take a very brave manager from some of the soccer teams that are not known for their deep pockets to convince the board to spend big money on one or more soccer players however that is something that has happened recently over at Huddersfield who want to have Alex Pritchard transferred into their team which they did, and it cost them a huge £11m which Norwich being the team that transferred him.

Although Leicester City has not been able to reproduce their amazing form recently, they are aware the only chance they are going to win more soccer matches is by spending some money, and as such they transferred in Adrien Silva from Sporting Lisbon which left a huge dint of some £22m in their bank account.

Manchester City however may be a team in form, but they too have had their cheque book out recently and it was Aymeric Laporte they had their eyes on a player from Athletic Bilbao and the price they did have to pay for him was huge at some £57m.

One final team that have transferred a high valued player in but also had to transfer out an even more expensive player was Southampton, now they transferred into their soccer team Guido Carrillo from Monaco at a cost of £19.1m, however in a very expensive deal they managed to transfer out of their team Virgil van Dijk to Liverpool in a deal that was worth some £75m!

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