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21st of May 2018 Soccer Matches


There are a plethora of soccer matches that are kicking off on the 21st of May 2018, and to give you some ideas of when and where those matches are being played the following news story will list each of the ones that are going to be must watch ones!


It is Limerick who are kicking off their match at 18:30 against Cork City and that match is going to be one of the more exciting matches you can watch today.

If you are stuck for choice and want to watch what is going to be a fine display of soccer, then I would suggest you try and make some time to watch the Derry City match at 19:45that sees them playing against Bray Wanderers.

Another match that should be a fine display of soccer at its very best is the Dundalk match that kicks off at 19:45 and sees them playing against their old rivals that being Waterford.


One match that is taking place today that I am sure you will be interested in watching if you do have time is the Brøndby IF match which is all scheduled to take place today and should be good viewing pleasure at 17:00 in which they will be taking their chances on the pitch against Aalborg BK.

It will of course be up to you just which soccer match you do decide today, however there is one that should be a hard-won battle for the winner, and that is the FC Midtjylland match that kicks off at 17:00 and they will be battling hard against their opponents that team being AC Horsens.

The list of soccer fixtures that are scheduled to take place today does seem endless, however there will be plenty of speculators over at the FC Nordsjælland ground in time of the 17:00 kick off against their long-awaited match against FC Copenhagen, which team will win though does of course remain to be seen.


FK Haugesund are going to be taking to the pitch today, in what promises to be a match full of thrills and spills, they are of course playing at home and the match which starts at 17:00 is going to see them taking on Rosenborg, and that does mean you have another potentially exciting match to your never-ending list of matches to watch today, so do consider watching it if you can!

One final match that you may have the time to watch today is going to see IK Start taking to the pitch and playing at home at 17:00, and the team they are going to hope to beat is Bodø/Glimt, but that match could go either way.

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