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Neymar to be Given Greenlight to Play for Brazil


Anyone who is a fan of Brazil would have been worried that when the inform forward Neymar broke a bone in his foot back in February, that would massively reduce his chances of playing in and would have a major negative effect on Brazil’s chances of winning the World Cup this year.

For if there is one thing any soccer team needs it is of course a forward that has the raw talent of Neymar, and without him, even though Brazil do have replacements who can play forward, there is no one they can pull out of the air with his skill and abilities.

However, it would appear that there is more of a chance of Neymar playing for Brazil in this year’s world cup than not, and the teams trainer has just this minute gone on record to say that Neymar is in training every day and his progress is much better than anyone could have hoped for.

I doubt he won’t be playing for Brazil this year in the World Cup for he has of course been named as a player, and with the trainer saying what he has just said, and the will power for the player himself he will be out on the pitch for the group stages, you can guarantee that!

Odds-On to Play in the Group Stages

But one does wonder whether there is a need to have him playing in the first match Brazil are scheduled to play on June the 17th, for they are up against Switzerland, and whilst it is cruel to say that Brazil could win that match with 9 or 10 men and not eleven, then it could be feasible if Neymar was to play they could put him on as a substitute late in the game or hang on to another match in the group stages.

It will be a tricky decision to make, for as the worlds most expensive player, they won’t want to do anything that could jeopardise his short term playing career in the World Cup tournament, but having said that, you know as well as I know Neymar will be itching to take to the pitch come hell or high water.

But at the end of the day we must remember that it is a broken bone in his foot after all, and there is usually a set time scale for bones to heal, especially at his young age, so one thing is for certain by no stretch of the imagination is it a career ending injury, but one that will just take time to heal, but that clock is ticking!

If I was a betting man though I would be placing a bet that he is going to be fit for the World Cup group stages, and I would also guess most people think he is an odds-on certainly to play in those matches, but we will just have to wait and see I guess.

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