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Has Spain Anything to Fear From Group B?


As you are taking a quick look at each of the teams in this year’s World Cup Group Stages, one that you will probably quickly glance over regarding the team likely to win any group, is Spain who are in Group B.

If there is one team that should be at the top of that group when each game has been played off it is Spain, and many people are convinced they will be at the top of that group, and quite a lot of fans of soccer are also convinced that they are going to make it right through to the final too.

However, expecting the unexpended is something every soccer fan should be prepared for in the Group Stages, for there are bound to be a few shock results along the way, and today I am asking does Spain have anything to fear from that group?

Regarding their opposing teams they will be playing against, the only team that I can see putting their collective team players skills to the test in Portugal, and it would appear Spain do have a lot to fear from the Portugal team, who could be the team to beat them.

Morocco Not a True Force to be Reckoned With!

There is of course the chance that Morocco could surprise everybody during the Group Stages of the World Cup and blast their way to the top of Group B, however there is very little chance if any that they are going to outperform Spain.

In fact I cannot see them performing very well at all in this major soccer tournament and if anything the best they can hope for as a team is finishing in third place in Group B.

But it is very far and true to say that they have qualified for the Group Stages, and as such there is some talent in their team, but whether that talent really is going to shine during the Group Stages does remain to be seen, and it will only be hardened Morocco fans that could possibly expect or hope deep down they will get any better position that third in Group B1

It’s Easy to Dismiss Iran

Whilst nothing is certain in the Group Stages of the World Cup, when looking at Group B you have to dismiss Iran, for I doubt they are going to be winning any of their matches in the Group Stages and many people, myself included see them being the one team you can virtually guarantee will finish at the bottom of that group.

They do have a couple of players that could be in with a chance of playing well on the pitch, however soccer is of course a team game and it will take more than just a couple of players to know how to play, pass and score for any team to progress through the Group Stages, and I don’t think Morocco, Portugal or Spain have anything what so ever to fear about Iran this year!

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