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Group Stage Matches for the 27th of June 2018


I am sure you may be getting slightly annoyed at some of the matches being played off in the Group Stages of the World Cup being scheduled to start at the same time as other matches, and if so then you will experience that same feeling as in the past, as two sets of two matches are kicking off at the same time today.

The first match is the one between Mexico and Sweden, and out of all the matches being played today this is one of the hardest ones to predict as both teams have similar form and as such either of them could come out on top today.

But there is a general consensus that this match will not be a high scoring one and it could be one that ends in a draw, either a nil-nil draw or possibly as 1-1 draw.

If you have been wondering whether to watch this match of the other one starting at the same time, that being the South Korea vs Germany match then I would suggest watching the Mexico match as Germany look like they are going to beat South Korea today quite easily, so that match will be a very one sided match for sure!

South Korea v Germany

The second match of the day that kicks off at the same time as the first one reviewed above is the match between South Korea and Germany I have yet to meet anybody who is of the mind that South Korea is going to win that match.

In fact, there is very little chance of that match ending in a  draw either, but I am more than confident that Germany will give South Korea pasting and there should be plenty of goals scored in that match, and they will all be scored by Germany!

Switzerland v Costa and Serbia v Brazil

The last two matches in the Group Stages of the World Cup that will be kicking off both at the same time later today are the one between Switzerland v Costa and that match between Serbia v Brazil

If I had to pick the inner of the first match I think that it is going to be Switzerland that win and I would guess at the score of being 2-0 or possibly 2-1, and I doubt the match is going to go the way of either Costa Rica or a draw.

You will not be too surprised to learn that in the Serbia v Brazil it is Brazil that is going to win that match, but there are a few avid Serbia fans who think the match could go their way, and anything is of course possible!

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