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World Cup 2018 Now the Battle Begins


You are going to have a day off today if you are an avid soccer fan that has been religiously watching all of the matches in the Group Stage of the World Cup, for that stage of this hugely popular soccer tournament is now over, and now the real battle for World Cup survival begins.

The next set of matches due to be played for the final remaining 16 teams will be kicking off over the weekend, and this is where we should see some exemplary displays of soccer at its very best, but much like in the Group Stages, we are bound to see plenty of unexpected results too!

The first match being played on Saturday is the one between France and Argentina, and whilst France are the hot favourites to win that match, as far as probability goes there is more chance of that match ending in a  draw than there is of Argentina winning it!

However, no matter what your opinion is as to the most likely winner of that match, both teams are going to be battling all the way through the 90 minutes, and it should be a match that does attract a huge number of spectators.

Uruguay vs Portugal

You are going to have more of a chance predicting the toss of a coin that predicting the winner in the second and final match being played tomorrow Sunday the 30th of June 2018, for it is going to be a tight match between Uruguay and Portugal for sure.

Uruguay have an ever so slight chance of coming out on top in that match, however there is no doubting the skills and abilities of the Portugal team who are going to be setting their sights on a decisive win!

Spain and Russia

Most soccer pundits have been saying that Russia have had a very easy ride so far in the World Cup 2018, and to be fair they have, however one game they will not be looking forward to is the one on Sunday in which they are faced with a mammoth task, that trying to beat one of the favourites to win the tournament, that team being Spain.

Whilst I would like to say that Spain should have the upper hand throughout the entire match, the way some of the matches shave gone so far in this tournament, I would never underestimate the chances of the home nation, that being Russia drawing or even winning that match!

Croatia will be hoping everything falls into place on Sunday as that is they day they are faced with taking on Denmark, and on paper it does look like a match that Croatia should breeze through, based on the way that both teams have so far been playing.

But it will be interesting to see if Denmark are able to up their game for that is something they are going to have to do and quite noticeably if they are to make it through to the next stage of this year’s World Cup!

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