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Spain vs Russia – Is This the End for Russia?


Even though Russia did get a free ride through to the Group Stages of this year’s FIFA World Cup, to be fair to their team they did play a good game of soccer in each of their Group Matches and did of course make it through to the final sixteen.

It is always the fear for the host nation that they will end up being knocked out of the World Cup in the Group Stages, but that has proven not to be the case for Russia this year, and as such they are now through to the final sixteen.

However, many people are now 100% convinced that their lucky streak is going to come to a very abrupt end today for they are going to be playing against Spain today, and that match does look heavily weighted towards a win for Spain.

You may feel however that Russia do have a chance of proving the sceptics wrong today and coming out on top in that match, but I do feel your will be in a small minority of people who does think Russia are going to win that match as the probability of them doing so is very low!

Today’s Other Final 16 Match

There is another match that is scheduled to be played later today, several hours after the Spain vs Russia match ends, and that match is the one in which Croatia are going to be taking on Denmark, and you may have already made up your mind as to the way that match is likely to end.

But faced on the form of each team it does look like it will be a match in which Croatia are going to win and they will probably get the upper hand in that match and score a goal or two in the first half of that match!

Probability of the Spain vs Russia Match

Russia has sadly a 16% probability of winning this match today against Spain and as such you should not pin your hopes on them winning it even if you are a hardened fan of their team!

In fact, the probability of the match ending in a draw is low, but slightly better than a win for Russia and the probability of the match ending in a draw is 23%.

Therefore if you have already done the maths you will have already realised that the overall probability of this match going the way of  Spain win is 61%, and that is of course what all Spain fans will be hoping, but make no mistake about it the Russian fans will be cheering on their team today in no uncertain terms!

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