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Brazil vs Mexico? Who Will Win?


We have to face some facts with this year’s World Cup; things have not been going anywhere as they have been expected to do so regarding the results of each of the matches so far played.

In fact, who would have thought that Germany, Argentina and Spain would have been knocked out of this tournament as such a relatively early stage?

Therefore when it does come to trying to predict the possible outcomes on any of the second round matches that have still to be played, let alone the next rounds, it is almost impossible to do so, as we are now expecting the underdogs in each match to win, as they keep on doing!

When it comes to today’s match between Brazil and Mexico, looking at the facts and stats for both teams you would be right in thinking that it is Brazil that are expected to come out on top, and many people still have them pencilled in as the most likely winning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup too.

However, I would never dismiss the Mexico team who are going to be very eager to prove everybody wrong and win this match, however I expect they will not want it to go to extra time or to a penalty shoot out, for then they really will be in the lap of the Gods!

Probability of a Draw after 90 Minutes

For those of you that they Mexico in particular may be looking to get to the stage in this game when it will be decided by penalties, then you may be of the mind that after the first 90 minutes of play the result could be a draw.

The actual probability of it doing so is 23%, so on the balance of things there is almost a one in four chance that it will be a draw at full time!

Probability of a Brazil or Mexico Win

Mexico it would appear have very little chance of winning this match, and the probability of them doing so after 90 minutes of standard play is tiny working out at just 14%, but has been proven time and time again this year there is always the chance that 14% stands them in good stead of winning!

The probability however of Brazil winning this match is much higher of course and that probability works out at 63%, so they do have the best chance of coming out on top.

I know I for one will be watching this match as you will probably be doing so too, but if by some sheer fluke Mexico do win that match then it does make for a very interesting tournament with the teams that are still left in it!

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