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England Looking Good to Beat Sweden


If you wander around the streets of the UK this afternoon you are probably going to think some sort of apocalypse has taken place, for I can guarantee the streets will be empty as most people will be indoors watching the Sweden vs England match!

However, having said that, the UK is experiencing something of a heat wave, and I do get the impression many people will be dragging their widescreen TV’s out into their gardens and watching the match outside too!

Looking at the makeup of both team and also studying the form of the matches they have so far played in the FIFA World Cup Tournament, the favourite to win this match is of course England, and the probability of them doing so is 50%.

But with teams such as Brazil as you will have seen yesterday being knocked out of the tournament, there is of course always the chance this match could go the way of Sweden.

The Sweden team may not be the best players in the world, but they are very hard to read and it wouldn’t surprise too many people if they did come out on top in this match and then progress through to the Semi Finals.

No Penalty Shootout Please!

Having made it through to this stage of the tournament so far, thanks to a penalty shootout, England do have a good chance of beating Sweden today, however fans will not want the match to go to a penalty shoot out once again.

I am of the mind though that this match should be determined in the first 90 minutes of standard time and if not certainly during extra time, but if it does go to penalties then anything can and will happen which is what England fans will be dreading of course.

How Great are Sweden’s Chances of Winning?

The probability of the match going either way or even ending in a draw is actually much easier to work out that you may have thought.

If you have been wondering from a purely mathematical point of view what the chances of Sweden winning this match are then they have a 21% chance of winning.

However, when I tell you the chances of a draw after 90 minutes of normal play are 29% you can see why most pundits do think this should be a match that goes the way of an England win.

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