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France vs Belgium a Tricky Result to Predict


It could be a coin toss that you are using to predict whether France or Belgium will be the team to win their match tomorrow on the 10th of July, for that is a very close match to try and predict the result of and it is very true to say it could very easily go either way.

I do have to say though that as soon as a match ends in a draw and it then moves into extra time and possibly then goes to a penalty shoot out does increase ones viewing pleasure, and you may be interested to learn that the probability of that match ending in a draw after 90 minutes of normal play time is 30%.

Therefore it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if the match is going to go to extra time and could then go to a penalty shoot out, however that is probably something both teams are fearing, for regarding their chances of making it through to the final, a penalty shoot out is a very risky business, and teams are left at the mercy of each individual player taking their penalty shot!

Probability of France Winning

On paper at least France does appear to have an ever so slightly better chance of winning this match during 90 minutes of play however as their probability of doing so is 38%.

In fact, at the start of the tournament they were outsiders to win the World Cup with both Brazil and Spain looking the most likely teams to make it through to the final game, however their squad have been playing high class football there is no doubting that and the smart money does appear to be going on France to not only win this match but also win the World Cup Trophy too.

Chances of Belgium Winning

There are four teams still in with a chance of winning the World Cup, and from an odds point of view Belgium are the third favourite to do so out of those four teams, and that does of course mean their chances of winning the Semi Final match on Tuesday are much lower than those of France.

The probability of the winning that match is however 32%, and as such out of all the matches that have so far been played over in Russia this is certainly a very close match and one that either team could quite easily win!

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