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France and Belgium Recent Soccer History


You should make no mistake about it tonight’s match between France and Belgium is going to be an excellent match to watch, for there is no red-hot favourite to win that match, however most pundits are proclaiming that France should gain the upper hand and go on to win that match.

However, when you take a look at the history of France playing against Belgium, some interesting facts and figures are revealed, and today that is what I am going to be revealing to you, to give you a much deeper insight into just how both teams have got on when playing against each other.

There has been, to date, and not including tonight’s match, a total of 73 matches that France and Belgium have played against each other at competitive level, and France have won a  total of 24 of those matches, whilst Belgium have come out on top in 30 of those matches, of which there were 19 draws.

So it would appear that Belgium based on their history of playing against France have come out on top more times, and as such even though they are classed as the underdogs in this match, those stats do speak volumes and they do have as good a chance as France, if not better of winning this match!

First Competitive Level Match Since 1986

The last time that France did play against Belgium at competitive level was way back in 1986 and it was that year’s World Cup that they played against each other.

It was in the third place play off that those two teams lined up against each other, and it was France that came out on top in that match securing a 4 – 2 win against Belgium and therefore they ended up finishing in third place on that World Cup Tournament back in 1986.

World Cup and Friendly Matches

Regarding recent history of playing against each other in the World Cup as opposed to any other tournament it is France that have come out on top in both of those two matches, the first one I have told you about above, and the other was way back in 1938.

In the 1938 running of the World Cup Tournament France won their match 3 -1 and that match was in the very first round of the tournament.

Belgium did play in a friendly match against France in Paris back in 2015 and the result of that match was a 4 -3 win for Belgium. The last time that Belgium managed to secure a place in the Semi Finals of the World Cup Tournaments was back in 1986 and their opposition in that match was Argentina who won that match by the way!

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