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England on the Way to Glory


The UK will be coming to a complete stop later today and the same can also be said for Croatia, for later on tonight both of those two teams are going to be playing against each other in the last Semi Final match of this year’s 2018 World Cup Tournament.

However, as to just which team is going to come out on top and make it through to the final, well we will of course have to wait until the match is over to know that, but looking at the recent history of matches between both teams, that may give us an indication of the way the match may just end.

But by doing so you will discover that in total Croatia and England have played each other a total of seven times in the past, and those eight matches ended in a win for England four times, the matches ended in a draw just one and Croatia came out on top and won three of those seven matches!

Therefore, it looks like England does have a slightly better chance of winning that match based on past form, however as you will be aware it is how the teams play on the pitch tonight that will ultimately determine how the match will end, and it really is a close one to try and call and predict!

Probability of the Way the Match Will End

I have become somewhat adapt at working out the probability as to the way that each FIIFA World Cup match could end, however it is simple mathematics so I haven’t suddenly acquired some type of magical skill at predicting the outcome of each match played!

Plus, even though the probability of any match will end a certain way that doesn’t mean it will and for reference the probability after 90 minutes of normal play for Croatia winning is 29%, the probability of the draw is 30% and the probability of England winning this match is 40%.

Enjoy the Match!

However and wherever you are planning to watch tonight’s match do have an enjoyable time, but please do not be ripped off by paying the ridiculous prices that some venues are charging people to simply get into their venues to watch the match.

Quite a number of councils for example around the UK are making available large outdoor spaces where fans can watch the match and not be forced to pay anything to do so, and what better way to spend the evening that watching England win, with the weather being as good as it is!

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