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Insight into the Belgium vs England Third Place Playoff


It is very true to say that both Belgium and England have played an excellent game of soccer throughout the entire World Cup Tournament, but there is still all to play for, as one of the teams will have earned the honour of being the third placed finisher, after they have played today’s match.

As to the facts and stats regarding both team, well it is of course the second time these teams will be lining up against each other in this tournament, as they did so in the group Stages, and it was Belgium that came out on top in that match by winning it 1-0.

In total though out of a total of twenty one matches both teams have played against each either England have won fifteen of them and just five of those matches ended in a draw, with Belgium having one just one of them.

Therefore it is a little surprising to find that Belgium appear to be the favourite team to win this match, but as always it will be a match in which anything could happen, including it going into extra time or being determined by the dreaded penalty shoot out!

90 Minutes Play Probability

The probability of this match ending in a draw is 26%, and if that is what does happen then who knows which team will go on to win it during either extra time or if it does reach a penalty shootout, which it may just do!

However, the probability of England winning this match is 32% which does of course mean that Belgium have a probability of 42% of winning it, so that is how they have been pencilled in as the favourite team to win the third round playoff match later this afternoon.

France vs Croatia

It is of course tomorrow that the World Cup 2018 Final is being played off, and that is a match that most soccer pundits are convinced is going to be going the way of France, and on the balance of probability they do have a 50% chance of winning that match.

It could of course go to a draw and the probability of it doing so is 29%, Croatia have a 21%of winning hat match, but they are going to be battling away as soon as the game kicks off and who knows if everything does fall into place they may just win it!

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