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Fears for the LGBT Community Visiting Russia for the World Cup


Let’s face some facts, Russia is not the safest place on planet earth for the LGBT community at the best of times, and with Russia being hosts of the World Cup final stages this June, there are worries that any gay fans that may be thinking of visiting to watch any of the matches being played out could be at risk of attack.

In fact, there has been several warnings already issued by and for the LGBT community, and as such if you are planning a trip there in June, then you are best advised to take the necessary precautions.

It does come to something that when in 2018 any community are being warned against the dangers of just being themselves, however those warnings must be taken seriously for there has been for quite some years if not decades now lots of recorded attacks on members of that community.

I did ask a friend of mine who is gay what would he do about those warnings, and he told me in no uncertain terms it would not stop him from visiting Russia, and to quote him “as long as I don’t go mincing around like Mr Humphries off Are You Being Served, how will they know I’m gay?”!

He does have a valid point for as long as any members of the gay and lesbian or for that matter the trans community do not overstate their sexuality and status then they should be fine.

Extra Security Measures in Place for the World Cup

On a positive note however, it is very true to say that security in and around all the stadiums hosting matches in he World Cup 2018 in Russia is going to be tight and very noticeable, for there is also the risk of terrorism rearing its ugly head, and that is something Russia will not want to in any way shape or form occur.

They are planning not only uniformed police offices and the military to be on hand throughout the towns and cities hosting the matches, but they also have a very large team of surveillance and undercover officers too.

They are going to be taking a zero-tolerance approach to hooliganism too, and any trouble makers are going to be dealt with very harshly.

One thing you are not going to find currently if you hare leaving it to the last minute to travel to Russia in any accommodation in and around the host stadiums, for they have been booked up solid for months!

However, as is always the case there are going to be plenty of fans that turn up and will be eager to buy tickets from touts to get into each stadium, and it’s a certainty that there will be plenty of ticket sellers in and around those stadium, but as always, they will be changing a hefty mark up on each ticket they do have available to sell!

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