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Will Smith’s Live it Up Chosen as the World Cup 2018 Anthem


The World Cup 2018 anthem has just been announced, and the song chosen is Will Smith’s, Live it Up!

That certainly lit up Twitter, which many people asking was it an appropriate song and was it one that would be a hit with viewers and spectators of each of the matches scheduled to be played in June.

Well, like it or hate it that is the song you are going to have to get used to hearing throughout the World Cup in Russia, and one person who will be overjoyed that it has been chosen is Will Smith himself, as he is going to be earning a fortune each time it is played throughout the tournament.

Whether is compares well with some of the previous anthems of the World Cup, is for you to decide but the hit Waka Wakatheme sung by Shakira was certainly a toe tapping anthem which was the one chosen back in 2010.

One thing that has puzzled many commentators on the choice of song is that none of the other singers featuring on it are from countries that have made it through to the Group Stages, but that hasn’t bothered the organisers of the event obviously!

If you are on Twitter then I would urge you to read some of the comments as they are hilarious, and also take a look at some of the memes too as they will certainly bring a smile to your face!

Russia Names its Full World Cup Squad

The 28-man squad has been announced by Russia, and they will certainly be hoping the Will Smith anthem is going to bring them luck in this tournament, much more so with them being the host nation.

If you are wondering who those team members are, then wonder no more as I will list them all below for you. The first fourteen Russian swaud members are Yuri Gazinskiy, Alexsandr Golovin, Alan Dzagoev, Alexsandr Erokhin, Yuri Zhirkov, Daler Kuzyaev , Roman Zobnin, Alexsandr Samedov, Igor Akinfeev, Vladimir Gabulov, Soslan Dzhanaev, Andrey Lunev; Vladimir Granat, Sergei Ignashevich.

The remainder of the team are Fedor Kudryashov, Ilya Kutepov, Roman Neustadter, Konstantin Rausch, Andrey Semenov, Igor Smolnikov, Mario Fernandes;, Anton Miranchuk, Alexsandr Tashaev, Denis Cheryshev; Artem Dzyuba, Aleksey Miranchuk, Fedor Smolov, Fedor Chalov.

Let us hope that they do get through the Group Stages at least, for they have really made a real effort regarding the transport links around Russia in time for the tournament, and the stadiums from what I have seen that are being used are stunning and all ready to roll.

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