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Who Will Be the World Cup 2018 Top Goal Scorer?


There is a lot of discussions surrounding the year’s World Cup and despite people banging on about it being Putin’s World Cup and also a soccer tournament for players to put themselves in the shop window keeping your thoughts on the beautiful game itself and not getting side tracked is important!

One discussion I do know that many fans of the sport are currently having, not including which team is most likely to win, is which player is going to excel during the tournament and find their very top form.

For if there is one thing every single player will be hoping to achieve it is being named as the top goal scorer, and that is going to be one of the hardest titles to win this year, looking at the sheer quality of players throughout each team.

Lionel Messi the Pundits Favourite

Most people agree that Lionel Messi will take the honour the player that does score the most goals during the World Cup 2018 tournament, and you only have to look at his track record in that department to see why he is the most likely player to do so.

However, it would be foolish to overlook the raw talent of players such as Antoine Griezmann, for when it comes to him finding the target he is surely up there with the best of them, and I wouldn’t disagree with you if you thought he was going to bang the most balls into the back of the net.

If there was a prize for the most admired and respected football in this years World Cup Group Stages, then the award and probably the one for the best-looking player from avid female fans would be Cristiano Ronaldo, and you should have him pencilled in as a potential top goal scorer for sure.

What is there to say about Neymar that you do not already know. When it comes to top tier football, this player does take every game in his stride, and he is one of those players who will never give up throughout the full ninety minutes, and any extra time too, so he could also be one for your shortlist too!

Could Romelu Lukaku Be the Top Goal Scorer?

What you will have to consider when picking out the player that you think is going to score the most goals in the next stage of the World Cup is whether the team have a good chance of progressing right through to the final game, and who they are playing on the way there too.

With that in mind it could turn out to be players such as Romelu Lukaku who have the wherewithal to bang in the most goals but having said that there is a possibility that young Harry Kane, and he determination to score in each match he plays in that could end up scoring the most goals.

A few other players that you may have your eye on to score the most goals include Timo Werner, Gabriel Jesus, Luis Suarez and if everything does fall into place for Robert Lewandowski there is a chance he could win the honour of being the top goals scorer too!

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