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Soccer Pundits Fancy a European Team to Win the World Cup


You are not going to be able to watch any soccer TV show or listen to any soccer related phone in show on radio, and not hear people currently discussing who is going to win the World Cup in 2018.

One current hot topic of conversation however is on which continent the winner of the World Cup is likely to come from, and you probably have your own ideas!

However, having been listening to a huge number of soccer pundits over the last week or so, it would appear most of them agree that it would be something of a shock if the winning team didn’t come from a European country.

You have to study the stats and players of Portugal or any other European team to realise the makeup of those teams are strong, and all of them have an outstanding chance of winning.

A South America Team Could Win the World Cup

However, one continent that is also famed for their first-class soccer is of course South America and it wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if during the Group Stages of the World Cup 2018 the South American based national teams that perform well.

You only have to look at the history and track record from teams from South America to realise they can certainly play top tier soccer and play it very well!

Be careful though when online researching the World Cup as a warning has been given about cybercrime during the World Cup tournament such as ticket scams and even investments!

Asia, Africa and North America Teams Have No Chance of Winning!

There are of course several other continents that will be fielding teams this year, however it does have to be said that when you weight everything up, it would come as a major surprise and shock if is was a North American, and African or even an Asia based national team that did manage to win the World Cup this year.

Bit it is of course surprises and shock results that has made this international soccer tournament what it is, and if a team from any nation and continent has made it through to the Group Stages, then there is always going to be a chance that they could progress right through to the final and if everything falls into place win it.

However, at the end of the day the clock is now well and truly ticking down to the start of the Group Stages, and it won’t be very long before the results do come in and we get to learn who are going to be playing in he final few rounds, and then the final itself.

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