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Teams Likely to be in the World Cup Final


I know the Group Stages of the World Cup haven’t yet started, however it is at times like this that one’s attention does wander to just which two teams are most likely to make it all the way through to the final game in the 2018 World Cup.

As all nations have no named their World Cup Squads, if you are an avid follower of soccer, then you have probably already made a few predictions of which teams could find themselves in the final game, and if you have then you are not alone.

The most likely scenario that I dare day a large percentage of soccer fans will have predicted regarding the two teams most likely to be in the final is Germany and Brazil for the makeup of each of those two nations teams does make both a formidable force in their own right!

However, there are always going to be some mad moments in the World Cup, so anything that could possible happen could do I suppose!

France and Spain Could Possibly be in the Final

Another team that does have a solid track record of playing in the World Cup, and one that does have a rock-solid team this year is France and I know it wouldn’t surprise too many people if they did make it all the way to the final game!

Spain must be in the reckoning too, for whilst I dare say the weather may be a tad different in Russia this summer as the Spain’s national team are used to back home, there is no getting away form the talent that does make up that team. 11/4

Argentina is another very well-respected team that could find themselves in the final game, however I am not sure why, but I do get a feeling this tear is not likely to be theirs, and I have this feeling that they may be out of the tournament in the Group Stages!

There are only a handful of other teams that I could possibly see making I through to the final game, and they are Belgium, England who have a strongly bonded team this year, Portugal, Uruguay and Colombia.

Home Nation Unlikely to Reach the Final

I have yet to meet anybody who does think that Russia is going to breeze through the Group Stages and then the Semi Finals and then make it to the final game, however being the World Cup, anything is possible and I would never rule anything out

I think teams such as Switzerland, Sweden and Mexico are some of the more unlikely ones to ever make it anywhere near the final game this year, and when you look at the makeup of teams such as Denmark and Serbia along with Senegal and Nigeria I doubt you can see any of those teams getting through to the final either!

There are load of other teams still in with a chance of course, but you must ask yourself are we likely to see a final game consisting of a team such as Iceland, Japan, Egypt, Peru or even South Korea or if any of the many other teams that have yet to start playing their Group Stages matches, and the answer to that questions is no we are not of course!

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