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Staying Safe in Russia During the World Cup


You will be all prepared to fly off to Russia if you have your Group Stage tickets at hand and will no doubt have booked your flights and your hotel rooms for the duration of your visit.

If not then you have very little chance if any of finding any spare seats on any of the airlines that are flying into Russia in the run up to the Group Stages of the World Cup 2018 and your chances of getting a hotel room are nil!

However, there is one thing that will be on the mind of many soccer fans that are planning on visiting Russia later this month and will certainly be on the minds of their loved ones and family members they are leaving at home, and that will be the safety of both themselves and their fellow soccer fans.

Russia can be a dangerous place much like any other country of the World, however there is bound to be a spike in crime during the World Cup, and that is something that you will have to take very seriously if you are placing on visiting.

In fact, today I want to pass onto you some tips for staying safe when in Russia, for by taking a few simple steps you will massively reduce your chances of experiencing any problems whilst visiting.

Stay in Groups and Never Venture Out Alone

You are going to reduce your chances of ruining into any problems if you do stay together in groups of soccer fans and do not venture too far off the beaten track on your own.

As such, do try and stick together with your mates or in a crowd and you will be much safer when eating and drinking away from the stadiums if you stick to those venues that are grouped together, as there will be a very high police presence in such areas.

The Russia police are going to be taking a no-nonsense approach to troublemakers this summer, and as such if you do get an inclining anything is about to kick off or you are with a very rowdy crowd, then you will be advised to back off, or you may end up slap bang in the middle of a war zone if it does kick off.

Travelling to and from the stadiums should also be done via public transport, as that way you will notice a high police and possibly military presence too along all public transport routes, so you will always have the back-up of the police and military if there is any type of problem.

Enjoy Yourself!

At the end of the day though, you and every other soccer fan will be out in Russia to have a very enjoyable and entertaining time, so do not be afraid of soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying yourself.

Before you do go however do ensure that yo0u are fully covered with your travel insurance, and at all times make sure that you keep your passport safe and never put any of your valuables at risk either, in fact try not to take any high valued items with you just in case!

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