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The Stage if Finally Set in Russia for the Group Stages


Well, we are soon going to know the fate of every single one of the 32 teams that are in the Group Stages of the World Cup this year, and you are probably sat there right now wondering does your home nation, if they are lucky enough to have made it through to this stage of the World Cup soccer tournament, have the skill to win or get through to the final game.

If you are a supporter of either Brazil or Germany then it is those two teams that are currently the favourites to get through to the final game, however nothing is ever set in stone in this soccer tournament and any of the other teams could end up winning it.

Teams such as Spain (with or without their old coach) and France are always high up on the list of potential teams to win the World Cup, and whether those two teams do win or not they are an outstanding chance of doing so and will be putting on a  fine display of soccer in every single match they place.

Never Underestimate the Chances of Belgium and Argentina

You should never underestimate the chances of teams such as Belgium or Argentina, for the way they battled through the early stages of the World Cup to make it through to the Group Stages does give you a very clear insight into their winning chances of course.

England do often let their fans down in one way or another, and whilst they do have a huge army of supporters of course, I doubt they are going to excel this year, but that does of course remain to be seen!

There are a handful of other teams that could manage to perform well on the pitch and they include the likes of Portugal and Uruguay 25/1, and with some luck in playing it isn’t going to be difficult for Croatia or even Colombia to come out on top!

The Home Nation Russia Chances of Winning

Let’s face it; despite the fact that Russia has a good Group in the Group Stages of the World Cup, there is very little chance of them winning, even though they do have the home advantage.

It would also appear that teams such as Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia, Mexico and Sweden are there purely to make up the numbers and you would have to be a very hardened fan of any of those teams to think they are going to win the World Cup let alone make it through to the semi finals or final game itself.

There are of carouse plenty of other teams in the Group Stages, but can you honestly see the likes of Peru, Senegal and Egypt, Nigeria or Iceland winning? Or for that matter can you see Costa Rica, Japan, Iran, Australia, South Korea, Tunisia, Morocco and Panama or the rank outsiders Saudi Arabia being crowned the winners of the World Cup in 2018?

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