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World Cup 2018 – The Wait is Finally Over


I’m sure you have been counting down the day to the Group Stages on this year’s World Cup, well that wait is finally over for in hours as opposed to days the very first match is scheduled to kick off, and that match will see the hosts, that being Russia taking their chances against Saudi Arabia.

Whilst most people seem to think that match is going to be one that Russia will easily win, never underestimate the chances of any teams winning in this tournament, which is known for its surprise results and seven shock results sometimes!

Despite the hype I think it is very fair to say that Russia has made a real effort to get everything in place for this year’s World Cup Group and Final Stages, and with an increased police and military presence at all host venue the chances of there being any trouble, that isn’t very quickly quelled, is minimum. Safety at the World Cup is a priority for Russia, let’s not forget that.

We have all come used to seeing airlines and hotels increasing their prices to wherever the World Cup is being held, and that is the case this year again, and if you are planning on attending, you are probably already there and letting your hair down so to speak.

But do not forget that you are going to be able to watch every single match live as it is via free to air TV channels you are going to be able to watch each match from home, many countries have shared the output between their major TV networks, so you will have to make some effort to find out which channels will be showing each match!

Most Likely Result of the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia Match

It is hard to look past a home win for Russia in their match against Saudi Arabia, for whilst both nations are not really known for their outstanding soccer teams, when you weigh up everything it is Russia that does have the upper hand in this match and as such they are most likely going to win it.

The draw is of course a possible outcome of this match, but I am of the mind that Russia are going to lead from very early on in the match and it will be hard for Saudi Arabia to peg them back or draw level as the game progresses, however I could be wrong and it will be a case of wait and see I suppose as to whether this match will end in a draw.

I have spoken to quite a few, shall I say optimists, who are of the mindset that Saudi Arabia are in with an excellent chance of taking this match by the scruff of the neck from the start and could be able to win it, albeit with a little bit of luck in play, whether that is the case we will on find out, for the clock is not ticking away to this match making the start of the Group Stages.

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