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France vs. Australia Match and Team Analysis


As the matches in the World Cup Group Stages are being played and the results coming, I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time looking at the matches that have so far been played and give an overview on each teams form in those matches.

Yesterday for example on Saturday the 16th June we learnt that France who won 2-1 against Australia played in a  very lacklustre way and one that is bound to see the team coach readdressing when they next take their chances on the pitch in their next Group Stage match.

Australia did to be fair played more of a defensive type of game overall, and that is probably due to them rather expecting to be trounced by France, which whilst France did win it was not what you would call a decisive victory by any stretch of the imagination!

The next matches that both teams are going to be playing in should be interesting for France will of course want to continue on their winning streak, whilst Australia will need to up their game and turn their form around, and this being the World Cup anything is of course possible!

What Next for France in the Group Stages?

The next time that France will be taking to the pitch in the Group Stages of this year’s World Cup soccer tournament will be on Thursday June 21st, and it is that day that the France v Peru match will be kicking off.

On the balance of form though, it does look like France could win that match and add another winning score to their tally.

However, moving onto Tuesday June 26th, that is the day when it will be Denmark’s chance to try and beat France, and that match may appear like it should go the way of a France win, but I think that the Denmark team are going to be battling all the way and if everything does fall into place they could win that match.

Can Australia Win Any of their Next Matches?

Australia will be taking on Denmark on Thursday June the 21st and that match is going to be a tricky for them to win as Denmark are the firm favourite to end up winning that match and it is going to be down to whether Australia can play a totally different game if they are to win than the one they played against France.

The last match for Australia is on Tuesday June the 26th and it is on that day they will be lining up against           Peru, however I think that they are not going to win that match for Peru do have a lot more talent in their quad and are likely to put that talent to good use, and it will probably be a match with plenty of goals scored, but by Peru rather than Australia!

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