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Costa Rica vs Serbia a Tricky Match to Call


Now let’s face some facts here, Costa Rica and Serbia are not what you could all two teams that are famed for their first class playing skills and abilities, but to be fair both of them have made it through to the Group Stages of the World Cup, and both teams are going to be lining up against each other today.

Goals are of course what everybody watching that match will be wanting to see scored, and this is going to be a very tricky match to call, if you are trying to get your head around which team is going to win.

Goals are what I think we are going to see today in that match for both teams do need to get as many goals in the back of the net as possible, or at least win the match if they have any chance what so ever of going through to the next round.

If you held a gun to my head I think the match could go the way of Costa Rica, but it is going to be a tight match and one I think is going to go either way!

Germany vs Mexico a Match That Germany Should Win

It is very hard to see the Germany v Mexico match going any other way that a victory for Germany, and I expect from the very minute the match kicks off it will be Germany that will be taking the lead.

That isn’t to say that Mexico haven’t any chance of winning this match, but with Germany being one of the favourite teams to make it through to the final game and also win the World Cup this year, do you really think they are not going to be fielding their very best players in their squad?

It is going to be a match that probably has one of the biggest audiences of the day and there are plenty of free to air TV channels that are going to be showing this match live, so make sure you tune in as it is bound to be an action packed one for sure!

Brazil Will Beat Mexico Surely?

The final match of the day scheduled today is the Brazil vs Mexico match, and I doubt we are likely to see anything other than a fine displayed of soccer at its very best form both teams, but it is a match that can surely only go one way, and that is a win for Brazil.

Having that that though there is no doubt in my mind that Mexico and not going to be playing up to their very best collective form, and it will be a tight match regarding the number of goals being scored of that I am fairly confident.

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