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Switzerland Surprise Many with their Draw against Brazil


I have been saying it all along, the one thing you should always expect from the World Cup Groups Stages especially, is the unexpected, and it was a surprise to most soccer fans yesterday when Switzerland of all teams managed to end their match against the mighty Brazil team with a 1-1 draw.

I expect you were of the mind before the match begun, much like I was that Brazil had one of their easiest stakes on the Group Stages in that match against Switzerland and if it has played to the script it should have been a very decisive win for Brazil.

However, that was not to be the case and the match did end in a draw, and one must wonder if it is a case that Brazil just didn’t play up to their usual standards, or in this year’s World Cup the coach of Switzerland has found one of the best teams of players for a long time.

I suppose we will only know the answer to that question when the next couple of matches are played in that Group and I do think all eyes will be on Switzerland to see just how they get on in those matches for sure!

Can Switzerland Beat Serbia and Costa Rica?

If you think that Switzerland may be the surprise team in this year’s World Cup then you do of course need to have an idea of just which teams they still have to play in the Group Stages, and those next two teams they are scheduled to play are not the force that Brazil were supposedly!

It is going to be on Friday June 22 that the Serbia v Switzerland match in Group E is going to be playing off and that match is being played in the stadium over in Kaliningrad and will be kicking off at 7pm and who knows Switzerland may just pull off a surprise in that match!

The next match after the above one is on Wednesday June 27 and that will see Switzerland playing Costa Rica in Nizhny Novgorod           and that match is also starting in the evening at 7pm.

Brazil’s Next Couple OF Matches

We are probably going to see a completely different game plan being put into motion in the next match that Brazil have in the World Cup Group Stages and their next match is on Friday June 22and it is Costa Rica they will be playing. The stadium they are playing hat match in is in St Petersburg and all being well the match should kick off on time at 1pm.

It will then be on Wednesday June 27 that we will be watching the Serbia v Brazil match in Group E and that match is being hosted at the Moscow Spartak stadium, and the time that match will kick off is at 7pm, and it will certainly be a match worth watching, as it could go either way regarding the winner!

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