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Is It Too Early to Write-off Germany?


Make no mistake about it, the display from the German team on the pitch yesterday in their match against Mexico was pathetic, and many people are now wondering have that once mighty team lost their edge, and are now doomed to an unexpected yet early exit from the World Cup.

Well, Mexico were always going to be a challenging opposition, but no one expected them to come up trumps and win that match, but that is what they did.

That has now catapulted Mexico to be the most likely winner of their Group and does mean that Germany are going to have to pull out all of the stops in their next two matches if they are to put right their poor performance on the pitch.

All teams that have been knocked out of the World Cup in years gone by, by Germany were certainly celebrating yesterday at the poor performance of Germany and anybody who will have watched the match will have noticed that the team just didn’t click, and that is something the German coach does need to address and very quickly if they are to salvage anything from the remainder of this soccer tournament, that’s for sure!

Next Matches in Group F for Germany

There will not be a very long wait before we will finally find out whether Germany have managed to get their team back on side, for the next match they will be played in will be on Saturday June 23.

That match is one in which Germany will be playing against Sweden and the match is being held in Sochi at 4pm, and the way they did play against Mexico means that their opponents in that match that being Sweden may just now fancy their chances of winning!

It will then be on Wednesday June 27 that German should be playing their easiest match in Group F, for in the South Korea v Germany match that is being held in Kazan at 3pm that day they are expected to win it quite easily, but I am not too sure about that now!

Matches Mexico Still Have to Play

There is a good chance that Mexico may just have experienced a blip in their form yesterday and if that is the case then the next two matches should be much easier for them to win that they have scheduled in Group F.

The very next match will be on Wednesday June 27 and it is Sweden who will be hoping their can pull that match out of the bag, but that is of course no forgone conclusion and the match is being played at the stadium in Ekaterinburg at 3pm.

You won’t have to then wait very long for the next match in Group F for Mexico for that match is being played on Saturday June 23 and it will be the turn of the South Korea team to take on Mexico, which they are going to be doing at the stadium in Rostov-on-Don at 7pm that day.

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