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Day 6 of the World Cup


It have been a festival of soccer so far in the World Cup Group Stages, however it is only day six and you have plenty of matches still to watch!

Yesterday we did of course see several matches, one of which is sure to bring a smile to all England fans was their 2-1 win against Tunisia, even though it was an almost a certainty that England would win that match, many British fans were nervous as past experience has taught them nothing is a certainty as far as England goes!

Sweden didn’t perform as they should have done or were expected to do on the pitch in their game against South Korea, and whilst the 1-0 win was all that was required, they do need to up their game a bit in their next match.

Belgium on the other hand played a brilliant game, and out of the three matches that were played yesterday it was that match that was THE match of the day, and they did take it in their stride and it was a foregone conclusion from an early stage that they would beat Panama, which they did of course scoring 3 goals with Panama not scoring any!

Today’s Must Watch Matches

There are of course plenty of matches that are scheduled to be played today, but all eyes will be on the host nation, that being Russia for they will be hoping to continue their winning streak and beat Egypt in the match being played later tonight.

Colombia will be taking their chances today against Japan, and that is going to be one match that is hard to predict the winner of.

It would appear that on the balance of form and what we already know about the playing skills and abilities of both teams that Colombia may end up winning hat game, but as we have already found out with some other Group Stage matches, it will only be when the referee blows his whistle to signify the end of the match that we will know who has come out on top!

Poland are also taking to the pitch later today and their match is against Senegal, as for which team is looking like the favourite to win that match, I would tend to lean towards Poland If I was forced to make a prediction, as they could just come out on top!

 Russia Looking Good

There are many fans of the sport that are predicting that Russia are going to breeze through the Group Stages, for their home advantage and the way they have already been playing, do indicate a rejuvenated team from the one we have seen in the past.

Whether that will be the case we will of course have to wait and see, but with the current way that they are playing and the way that Egypt are playing, I am of the mind that today’s match will go the way of Russia which it may just do!

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