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Wednesdays Group Stage Matches


I’m sure if you are an avid fan of soccer then you have been enjoying the matches so far that have been played in the Group Stages, and whilst so matches have gone the way of the favourite, there are plenty of them that haven’t.

Therefore trying to predict just which teams are going to win any of the matches still yet to be played, and boy are there plenty of them still scheduled to kick off, is proving something of a nightmare!

However, tomorrow on Wednesday the 20th of June, there are three matches all of which are going to be worth watching, and the very first match of the day that will be kicking off is the one between Portugal and Morocco.

That match is likely to go the way of Portugal, however who know which Morocco team will be on the pitch tomorrow, and if they play the way they have been doing I would not rule out a win for Morocco, but it won’t be easy being up against Portugal, that is for certain!

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia

Another match that is being played tomorrow is the Uruguay v Saudi Arabia match that is of course a Group A match that is being played at the Rostov-on-Don, and it will be the second match of the day.

In as far as the team that is likely to come out on top in that match, you do have to say that Uruguay are in with a great chance of winning, and to be fair it is hard to see it going the way of a Saudi Arabia win, however anything is possible, but the Saudi team are going to massively up their game is they want to have any chance of winning that match, which is something they are not likely to do!

Iran v Spain

In one of the most unbalanced matches this week, tomorrow we will also see Iran playing against Spain, now there is no way in the world that Spain can lose that match and if they do so or even just manage a draw then that will be a major upset.

That match by the way is a Group B match and is being played at the stadium over in Kazan and it is the last match of the day on Wednesday.

As far as trying to predict the final score of that match, I suspect it is going to be a huge goal scoring match but it will of course be Spain that are doing all of that scoring with Iran unlikely to land one single goal in the back of the net!

So, the likely winning teams in tomorrow’s matches should, if the script does play out, be Portugal, Uruguay and Spain, and you would have to be a very hardened fan of any of the other teams playing tomorrow for you to think those other teams have any chances what so ever of winning their respective matches!

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