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Will Portugal, Uruguay and Spain Win Today?


There are three matches as standard being played today’s in the World Cup Group Stages, and as we have a little more indication of the current form of each team playing in Russia we can make some sound predictions as to the way that those matches will end.

The very first match that will be kicking off is the Portugal v Morocco match and there is only one way that match can end and that is with a very decisive win for Portugal, I and many other pundits cannot see that match ending in a draw or a win for Morocco.

However, whether it is going to be a high scoring match does remain to be seen, for Portugal did get off to a good start goal wise at least the other day against Spain, and they do have the determination and drive and of course the team members to rattle in plenty of goals, if everything does go as planned in that match.

There are of course several other matches that will all be worth watching later on today and below I will give you an insight into the way those matches may just end.

Saudi Arabia Should Take a Hammering Today

The match between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia is very easy to predict and that match will go the way of Uruguay unless something strange happens which I doubt it will.

Saudi Arabia are probably preparing themselves for a major hammering today and Uruguay are goal hungry at the minute and will be doing everything they possible can do to rattle in the goals.

So if you do fancy watching a match that is likely to be a goalfest then this is going to be one match to watch.

Iran vs Spain

It should be a very easy task for Spain to wipe the floor with Iran today as far as football goes, and there is nobody out there who thinks that Iran could possibly win this match, except of course those hardened Iran fans that have made the trip to Russia to watch their national team play.

That match is the last one that is going to be played today and I do get the feeling it is going to be another high scoring match and one that should see Spain secure their place in the next stage of the World Cup.

As for the possible score of that match, well that is anybody’s guess but I doubt there are going to be any goals scored by the Iranian team who are guaranteed to be totally outclassed in that match, but it should be a match worth watching for sure.

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