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Brazil and Spain Now Favourites to Win the World Cup


It may seem rather early to try and predict the two teams that are the current favourites to make their way right through to the final game, however for many people it does seem to be a foregone conclusion that both Brazil and Spain will be the two teams that will make the final game!

On the balance of form, it does appear to be likely that both teams will progress through to the next stages, and both teams it is very fair to say have been playing a master class of soccer on the pitch so far in this tournament.

You probably though have your own ideas of just which teams will be the ones playing against each other in the final and there are of course plenty of chances for each of the other teams still in the tournament to shine through and surprise everyone and get through to that final game.

In fact there is a lot to like about the way that teams such as France and Belgium have been playing and it will be no surprise if either or even both of those teams do get through to the final at the expense of both Brazil and Spain!

What about Germany and England?

If you can overlook Germanys last group stage effort then they too are in with their usual good chance of making it right through to the final, and one of the most watched matches so far during this tournament was the last game that England played, that being against Tunisia.

Many pundits are convinced that this year may just be the one in which England do outshine their opponents but I find it hard to believe they really do posses the skills and abilities in their squad to get through to the final game, but they may progress through to the other stages of this tournament quite easily.

Could Argentina Come Up Trumps?

There are still plenty of people that are singing the praises of the Argentina team this year as they are up there with the rest of the teams that are in with a chance of possibly winning the World Cup this year, and the same could be said of Portugal.

However, the best of the rest include teams such as Uruguay and Croatia, but both of those two teams do need and require everything to fall into place during their next couple of games for them to have any realistic chance of taking the World Cup home with them.

To really would be a dream come true if Russia managed to make it through to the final, and I suppose the same could also be said of Mexico, but I really do doubt that any of the other teams that I have so far not mentioned are going to trouble any of the teams I have!

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