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Snapshot of World Cup Group Leaders


What an intriguing World Cup it has so far been, for whilst some of the teams you may have predicted to be topping their respective Groups may well be doing so, some teams that had been called as no hopers and the underdogs have been proving everybody wrong!

Group A currently sees both Russia and Uruguay heading that group, and to be fair those two teams were expected to do well in the Group Stages, so there is no real surprises there.

In fact, the same can be said for Group B too, for with Spain and Portugal currently sitting proudly at the top of that group table, no one will be too surprised to see them there and they were both favourites to progress through to the next stages anyway!

Group C is of course the one that sees both France and Denmark at the top of the table, and let’s face it their opponents are Australia and Peru both of whom had very little chance of getting through to the next rounds, but this is soccer after all and we were expecting to see a few upsets and shock results during the Group Stages!

Croatia Leading Group D

Many fans of both Iceland and Nigeria had been dreaming their teams would excel in the Group Stages of this year’s World Cup, however when they were faced with Croatia and Argentina their dreams were only ever going to be shatters, for those two latter named teams are now at the top of Group D!

I personally had high hopes for Costa Rica, however it’s a good job I didn’t bet on them to lead Group E, for they never really made the grade on this pitch in their Group Matches and as such it is Serbia and Brazil that are heading Group E.

Sweden and Mexico Celebrating

Fans of Germany must be reeling at the minute for they will have had high hopes for Germany to be leading Group F, however that honour is with Sweden and Mexico who have played some amazing soccer over the last week or so!

Belgium and England fans have been partying well into the night recently and they have good cause too as both of those teams are now sat firmly up at the top of Group G and both of them look formidable opponents too!

Japan were one of the rank outsider sot win the World Cup this year and as such no one ever expected to see them at the top of Group H, but that is currently were they are, it is Senegal who are just below them in the Group H table, and it is thanks to the way they played on the pitch that has earned them their rightful position on that table as opposed to sheer fluke!

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