Teams Already Knocked Out of the World Cup

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It has been a very short and not necessarily sweet World Cup for some teams in the Group Stages, for several of them have already been knocked out of the tournament and will not be progressing any further than those Group Stages.

With that in mind let me rattle through each of the different groups and enlighten you on which teams have been knocked out, which teams are going through to the next stages and which teams are not yet sure whether they are going home or going through to the next round!

Group A – Egypt sadly will not be progressing through to the next stages of the World Cup for having lost their first two matches they will be flying back home earlier than they may have hoped. Also it is Saudi Arabia who has been knocked out of that group too.

Group B – As it stands over in Group B the only team that are out of the tournament for sure is Morocco so the other teams have all to play for if they want to progress to the next round.

Group C – France are going through to the next round in Group C and the only team that knows for sure they are going home early is Peru, which was to be expected having lost both of their matches!

Group D – There is still a lot to play for in Group D however, but mathematically it is possible that Argentina could be knocked out of the Group Stages and will not be progressing any further, so all eyes will be on Fridays match between Iceland and Nigeria to discover the fate of Argentina!

Group E – All of the teams that are in Group E still have a chance of qualifying for the next stage of the tournament and as such it should be interesting to see how they all get on in their next matches, and those matches should be worth watching too as those teams will all be battling hard to secure their places in the next round of this tournament!

Group F – Much like Group E, all of the teams that are in Group F have a chance of making it through to the next round of the World Cup over in Russia, and those teams will all be playing up to their best form in those next matches, or will have to be if they do want to qualifying for the next round!

Group G – The Group G teams are all still in with a chance of getting through to the next round so we are going to see some fine displays of soccer when each of those matches still left to played kicked off!

Group H – The final group is of course Group H and it is still a tossup as to just which teams will make it through to the next round as they could all still qualify!

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