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Will Brazil Win Playing Against Costa Rica?


One soccer match that for reasons unknown I have been looking forward to is today’s Group E match in which Brazil will be taking on Costa Rica.

Whilst I am sure the vast majority of you will have this match pencilled down as a win for Brazil, I have a sneaky suspicion that it is going to go the way of Costa Rica, but either way it will certainly be a match that I will be watching.

The fact that Brazil are already as one of the red-hot favourites to win the World Cup this year or at the very least get through to the final game, doesn’t bode well for Costa Rica, but with an upturn in their form and with the team now full conversant with the playing conditions in Russia I for one will not be too surprised if they do win this match.

Not many people will agree with me however, for if there is one think that Brazil knows how to do it is to play at international level, and they will not be letting their guard down throughout this match, which for reference is going to be the very first match played today.

Nigeria vs Iceland

The second match of the day is the one in which Nigeria are playing against Iceland, and it is very true to say that both teams have not been stars on the pitch during the Group Stages, and as such this is a fairly difficult match to call regarding which team is likely to win it.

I am leaning towards it being a match in which very few if any goals will be scored for I am of the mind that both teams have blown their chances of progressing any further in the tournament and may not be playing to anywhere near their very best form.

That said the onus will be on Iceland to get a win in this match as there is still a chance that they could make it to the second position in the Group table, and to be honest I cannot see Nigeria putting up much of a fight!

Serbia vs Switzerland

Let’s face it, Serbia have been playing an excellent game of soccer so far in the World Cup Group Stages and if they do not make it through to the next round something has gone seriously wrong!

But in their match today against Switzerland they will be aiming to win it, however as Switzerland desperately want a win too this is likely to be the one match today that I think seriously is going to be a battle of the wits and well worth watching.

The first goal scored by either team is going to set this match alive and I think we are going to see plenty of goals being scored during the course of the match, so make sure you are watching it later on this evening!

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