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Spain and Portugal Should Win Easily Today


You may have already pencilled in just which soccer matches you are going to be watching today, however there are two matches that are going to be worth watching, and they are the ones in which Spain are playing and also the one in which Portugal are playing too.

Both of those two teams are currently joint neck and neck at the top of Group B and there is no doubt in my mind that both of them will want to take the top spot, and as such they will need to win their respective matches today to have any possible chance of doing so.

One thing I can be certain of and you can too is that the matches both Spain and Portugal are going to be playing in will see plenty of goals being scored, and there are no prizes for guessing which two players will have their sights set on scoring the most goals for each team!

There will probably be more people watching those two matches by the way than watch the other matches that are scheduled today, and for reference there are four matches in total that will be kicking off throughout the day, all teams will of coruse be hoping to make it to the finals.

Portugal Vs Iran

When you look at the squad for both Portugal and Iran you can see that from a skill and ability point of view they are two teams that are very far apart, and these can be no possible way that Iran can do anything other than lose their match today which is what will probably happen.

As I have already mentioned up above what you will be assured of is that Portugal will be aiming to blast into the bag of the Iran net as many goals as they can do today and I doubt Iran will do the same in the back of the Portugal net!

Spain Vs Morocco

There is one interesting act that you may be oblivious for regarding the way that Morocco have been playing so far in the Group Stages of this year’s World Cup soccer tournament, and that is they haven’t scored a single goal year.

Spain on the other hand do of course know where the bag of the net is and how to rattle in plenty of goals and in the Group Stages they have so far bagged a total of four goals, and there is one thing I am more than certain of, and that will be after this match has been played between Spain and Morocco the latter named team will still not have scored a single goal but Spain will have increased the number of goals they have scored.

As for a prediction of the most likely score of this match, well I think at least 3-0 to Spain could be expected, however there will be plenty of goals scored by Spain of that I just know, which will make it a fun and entertaining match to what for sure!

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