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Uruguay vs Russia Today’s World Cup Match of the Day


There is one match today that I do know plenty of you out there will be trying to watch if you can do, and that is the match between Uruguay and Russia, and out of all of the four matches in total that are kicking off today in the World Cup Group Stages, that is going to be the hardest one to call.

With both teams filling positions one and two in Group A, and with both teams currently having six points each, it doesn’t really matter which team wins and which team loses, none of the other teams in hat group are going to reaming in the next rounds of the World Cup.

I do however have something of a feeling that it is Uruguay that are going to beat Russia today, for let’s face facts here the other two teams in Group A those being both Egypt and Saudi Arabia are not known for their outstanding skills and abilities on the pitch, and when compared to both of those two teams it is fair to say that Uruguay are in a different league so to speak!

Iran Have No Chance of Winning Today

Moving onto another match that will be kicking off today, that is the one between Iran and Portugal, there is no doubt in my mind that the winner of that match is going to be Portugal, and this should be one of the easiest matches they have played so far.

When you look at the Iran squad and have seen how they have been playing in this soccer tournament so far, unless there is a major turnaround in their form, which I know there won’t be, they are not going to have any chance of winning against Portugal today, of that you can be certain!

Spain Should Outclass Morocco Tonight

All eyes are going to be on Spain in the last match of the day today, that being their match in which they are tasked with beating Morocco, however that is by no stretch of the imagination going to be a difficult match for them today and they should easily beat them.

There is of course all to play for in that match as Portugal are on level pegging with them in Group B, and many Spanish fans will be hoping that Portugal draw or lose that match and that Spain win.

In fact, most soccer fans are of the mind that it is going to be Spain that will make it right through to the final game, and if everything does fall into place there is also a very good chance that Spain could be the new home of the World Cup.

One thing I do know is that there is going to be a lot of inertest in this match between Spain and Morocco and there should be plenty of goals scored, but not be Morocco!

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